High Israeli Police Officers Resigned For Penis Issues

israeli officers resignedEight senior police officers accused of misconduct, sexual and Penis issues since 2013.

On Monday afternoon, another fat old pig Nissim Moore, 56, Deputy Police Commissioner was named as a new senior police officer suspected of sexually harassing and assaulting a police officer woman, as well as carrying on inappropriate relationships with six other police officers, and then tried to destroy evidence.

Moore, Israel’s Deputy Police Commissioner was questioned by investigators throughout Monday over allegations of Penis issues. The senior police officer told the investigators that he believes that the female subordinate “wanted him because of his position.

At the end of the interrogation, Mor admitted to his improper conduct. He said: “I understand that whoever acts that way does not deserve to have my position. It was not ethical, I did not behave properly.”

The relationship between the deputy commissioner and the accuser formed after she approached him with a request for help with a distressing situation. The deputy commissioner allegedly visited the policewoman’s home and kissed her on the lips.

Moore was questioned over suspicions that, in recent months, he used his position of authority to sexually harass a low-ranking policewoman who was in need of his assistance, including (one case of) indecent assault against her,” a police statement said.

Last Saturday, District Commander Kobi Cohen announced his resignation after admitting to an improper relationship with a subordinate officer.

Cohen quit after being questioned over suspicions that he had maintained romantic ties with a low-ranking female officer and had made decisions regarding her positions that were based on a conflict of interest.

Earlier, former Jerusalem District Commander, Major General Niso Shaham was accused of having sex with police officers who are subject to it, breach of trust, fraud and indecent acts. From what attributed, Shaham was also discussed their futures professional policewomen with which there is a relationship.

Jerusalem Police Chief Joseph Pariente, 48, resigned on Sep. 28 2014, for Penis Issues and sexual harassment.

Menashe Arviv, top anti-corruption police official resigned in 2014 because he received thousands of dollars and other assistance from a rabbi accused of corruption.

Central District chief Bruno Stein was forced to resign after he was spotted at a party with suspected criminal lawyer, attorney Ronel Fisher, a well-known attorney who is at the heart of a scandal involving police figures and the Ashdod port union chief Alon Hassan. Fisher is suspected of asking Hassan, who is the target of several ongoing investigations, for money to pay off certain police officials in return for having the investigations dropped.  

isher allegedly asked police officials for information about plans to arrest Hassan and provided Hassan with information about the investigations against him – an obstruction of justice, if proved. Officials in the Justice Ministry’s department for the investigation of police officers, which put Fisher under surveillance, suspect that police officials provided the lawyer with the information he requested.

Hassan, in cooperation with the investigation department, gave $150,000 to Fisher, in exchange for the lawyer’s promise to see to it that the investigations against Hassan were dropped.

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