Demonstrators throw shoes, eggs at Canadian FM in Ramallah

canadaRAMALLAH- WafaMa’an – Enraged by Canada’s constant support to Israel and obstruction of the Palestinian right to self-determination, infuriated protestors Sunday hurled eggs at the convoy of Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, John Baird.

Baird was leaving the headquarters of the Foreign Ministry, following a meeting with Foreign Ministers Riyad al-Maliki, when dozens of activists protested against his visit by hurling eggs and shoes at his car, and chanting slogans expressing resentment over Canada’s unswerving support to Israel.

Hours earlier, Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat criticized Canada’s pro-Israel positions, including attempts to legalize the illegal Israeli annexation of Occupied East Jerusalem.

Erekat regretted the Canadian government’s decision to stand on “the wrong side of history by blindly supporting the Israeli occupation and its apartheid policies” and denounced Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird’s meeting with Israeli officials in occupied City of Jerusalem.

The protest was organized by the youth department of the Fatah movement to express opposition to the pro-Israeli political positions expressed by successive Canadian governments in recent years.

The most recent action taken by the Canadian government that has outraged the Palestinian public was a vote against a bid at the United Nations Security Council seeking to end the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories by 2017.

In recent weeks, foreign minister Baird has also demanded top PLO official Erekat apologize for likening Israel to the Islamic State group in statements made in early January.

“There is no difference between the terrorism practiced by the group led by (IS leader) Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Israel’s terrorism,” he said at the time. “Ending settlement activities is a prerequisite for eliminating terrorism.”

Baird condemned the statements, saying that they undermined efforts to fight the IS group that has spread through Iraq and Syria in recent years.

PALESTINIAN-CANADA-DIPLOMACYErekat, however, on Friday responded to demands for the apology in a strongly-worded opinion piece entitled, “It is John Baird who needs to apologize to the Palestinian people” published in The Globe and Mail, a top Canadian newspaper.

“After spending the past few years listening to Mr. Baird going out of his way to legitimize the banality and brutality of a 50-year-old Israeli occupation, I tell Mr. Baird: enough,” he said in the piece.

“If there is anyone that has to apologize, it is Mr. Baird himself. He should first apologize to his own citizenry, many of whom are God-loving Jews, Christians and Muslims who would never condone nor cheer for an Israeli government that stretches support to Israeli settlers who attack churches and mosques”

He also reiterated his perceived similarities between Israel and the IS group, based on their disregard for human life and religion.

“Those who actively burn mosques and churches in Palestine, and campaign to destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque, are no less terrorists than those who kicked the Christians out of Mosul.”

“But Canada, instead of supporting the application of international law, has decided to encourage Israel to continue with its crimes. As I stated in a letter to Mr. Baird after his meeting in Occupied East Jerusalem: ‘Canada’s actions are tantamount to complicity in ongoing Israeli violations of the international laws of war.”

9 comments to Demonstrators throw shoes, eggs at Canadian FM in Ramallah

  • Lobo

    Canada is like their neighbor the USA, Jews and Jew owned politicians own the country. Their blind support for Israel for decades has earned them world wide scorn….

  • Maquinna

    Anytime you say anything bad about this bozo Baird its appropriate… This guy is a mistake, something happened here… when he showed up along with whatever his name is… uhhh Harper, yeah Harper, man now he’s embarrassing just as much as Baird but in a different way, he the cold calculating murderer and Baird is the full on psycho thug… nice people…. there’s obviously no shortage of them but, are they people? and if we can’t come up with an answer to that one then we should consider not listening to another word they say, they stole the election for christ sake… now’s the time to move shut ’em down…. don’t take any more sh-t, err not that you ever did… grin

    IT’s just aa ride and its time for me to get off… This bunch has reached thier best buy date long ago like 1963 or so…. evolution is upon us…. enjoy we’re it!!

  • Archie1954

    Baird is definitely on his own. I don’t believe for one second that Canadians are so brainwashed by the Zonist lobby that they think the Palestinian people should be murdered in droves the way the Israelis are accomplishing. Baird represents a disgraceful Canadian foreign policy that is nothing but a shadow of the bankrupt and disgusting US foreign policy. It stinks to high Heaven!

  • brian niziol

    As a Canadian I was at one time proud of our efforts to promote peace through diplomacy. Mr. Harper the right wing Christian fundamentalist has led us down the road of violence and hate. He is a puppet of the Zionist war mongers. We have become nothing but tools of murder. For that I can only say to my brothers and sisters around the world I am truly sorry. Yes all Canadians must share the blame for what we have become and I will work harder to restore sanity in our nation.

  • Malecon

    I want to ensure Palestinians that the majority of Canadians would like to see Harper and Byrd if not lynched, then imprisoned for life. They are repulsive zionist-infected stooges. An embarrassment and a disgrace to this wonderful country of Canada.

  • John Watson

    It’s a shame Baird was even allowed in Ramallah.
    He should have been (literally) kicked away, to say the least.
    Let’s not forget that the jerk is an accessory to war crimes and genocide.

  • Ted Gorsline

    They only did this because the price of tar and feathers is too high in Palestine.

  • Gertjan Zwiggelaar

    John Baird is a pompous wind bag full of sulfurous hot air who is a disgrace, just like his boss, The Economist; the creepy Stephen Harper to all thinking, feeling Canadians is a scumbag and a sleazy lizard. It is because of these people and their ilk that I am becoming ever more ashamed of my citizenship in this country and am making plans to move. The writing is on the wall here. This country is owned and operated by international jewry. Their star oversees Ottawa from the face of the peace tower; an obelisk ringed with gargoyles; a symbol of the International Satanic Brotherhood/ie: International Jewry.

    Harper is a disgusting excuse for a human being; a slimy Ziotoad who should be behind bars; along with most of the House of Commons membership who voted to go along with the mass murder of Palestinians. The fact that the federal Canadian government supports Israhell, a country founded on sophistry and lies, theft, and murder; based on the nonsense that the Universal Father reached across the eons, through nigh on infinite space, to touch a tiny percentage of the ‘human’ population, of an insignificant, tiny planet on the edges of a small galaxy, to be His Chosen People and that He granted these liars the land of Palestine, shows that the leaders of the Canadian government are deluded supporters of a tribe of sociopaths. The very idea that God would chose anyone to be specially favored is madness. Anyone professing such nonsense should be institutionalized and treated for psychopathy; as would be the case for 99% of humanoids professing to be members of this belief system/race called Jew.

    Israhell is a disgrace and a rogue nation. Canada is now also a pariah and has become a rogue nation; on side with a murderous agenda that has already created a whole lot of death and destruction in a number of countries: Afghanistan, Libya, former Yugoslavia, Syria, …

    Not all Canadians are on side the Harper team. In fact, the results at the polls are dismal. Harper does not rule with popular consent. He only represents a small percentage of Canadians. For most Canadians he is a tool; a toady; a slimy, useless human who can not get a real job and thinks that he actually studied a real science, when most of us know that Economics is a bogus, Jewish pile of crap; a pseudo science just like psychology. Economics; the kind that Harper subscribes to was mostly developed in the Chicago School from whence sprang, disaster capitalism; an onerous religion whose god is Mammon. Human lives do not figure in the equations of these twisted economists. They do not see the world the same way as normal people do; obviously, since they are economists.

    Karl Marx was an economist. Lots of people subscribe to his twisted ideas, and look what it got them. The New World Odour.

    Canada has absorbed a lot of that odour and now the country is beginning to stink to high heaven, thanks to creatures like John Baird and his boss, the Crime MInister.

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