Abu Ghraib Produced The Charlie Hebdo Shooter

terorristThe Paris massacre committed by elements of the so-called Daash which claimed the lives of 12 colleagues affiliated with leftist movements working at the “Charlie Hebdo” newspaper has obligated journalists to question the French government about its direct or indirect involvement in the massacre through foreign policy that brings France disasters and creates reactions of hate and revenge in many people.

How did Sharif and Said Kouachi get their weapons without the knowledge and permission of French intelligence?? We have never before heard of Uzi sub machine guns, Kalashnikovs and other weapons raining on Paris, and the finger is pointing at French authorities.

The French government has allowed elements of “Daash” to work freely in its territory recruiting dozens of French people to join the ranks of the “Daash” fighters in Syria. Prior to that, France allowed its citizens to fight with the so-called Al-Qaeda in Iraq, as if the killing of civilians in Iraq and Syria is acceptable to French laws and the standards of politicians!

Rob Wainwright, the head of European police agency Europol told British parliamentary committee lawmakers yesterday Jan. 13 2015 that up to 5,000 European Union citizens have joined jihadist militant ranks. The European Union’s counter-terrorism chief Gilles de Kerchove estimated in September 2014 that around 3,000 European citizens had joined jihadists in Syria and Iraq.

terroristsThere is suspicion that Sharif and Said Kouachi, and Amedy Couibaly, who carried out one of the bloodiest massacres in French history against “Charlie Hebdo” and the Kosher Market, were infiltrated, trained and armed by both the French intelligence and the Jihadists and because of this the police shot them instead of capturing alive, and the bloodiest attacks were a play on theater ended by calling BFM TV and the media by the terrorists before they were killed by police. The terrorists informed the media saying that their attacks were coordinated by ISIS training, and cell activation. In essence, they were saying there is more to come.

The French citizen Kouachi brothers were armed and trained with the full knowledge and permission of French intelligence and sent to Yemen to spy on the so-called al-Qaeda Jihadists, where they had weapons training in the deserts of Marib. Sharif Kouachi was spying on al-Qaeda in Yemen and allowed to return to France like any other French people who were on a vacation. French authorities have covered up this issue.

Sharif and Said Kouachi are two terrorists among hundreds who have been psychologically mobilized, trained and armed and then allowed to travel to Syria for jihad. Mohammad Merah is another French citizen, 23, who murdered seven French people in March 2012 and was a double collaborator and informer for the French security services and the so-called al-Qaeda. French intelligence sent him with military troops to the war in Afghanistan where he saw all the dirty crimes French soldiers perpetrated there. On 15 March 2012, Merah killed seven French citizens, among them two French soldiers, in a shopping centre in Montauban, southwest France. French Police stormed his apartment and shot him in the head. After his death, his lawyer exposed that Merah was working with French intelligence and it was unclear if Merah killed the seven people as part of his mission with French intelligence??

Abu Ghraib Produced The Charlie Hebdo Shooter

In 2005, the New York Times reported, “three French nationals are among the dozens of foreign fighters being held by the American military in Iraq . The men, captured late last year, are part of a small group of young French militants who have gone to Iraq to fight what some Muslims view as a holy war against the Americans. At least three have been killed there. Two others are in custody in France, where they were arrested on the eve of their planned departure last month together with the suspected leader of the group.

…The men, Thamer Bouchnak and Cherif Kouachi, both 22, have told the police that they met Mr. Benyettou at the Addawa mosque near their homes in Paris in the 19th Arrondissement, a largely Arab working-class district. …According to lawyers involved, neither Mr. Bouchnak nor Mr. Kouachi had received any formal weapons training. They say that the men have not denied that they intended to fight in Iraq but that both had begun having second thoughts and have since expressed relief that they were stopped.

Al-Qaeda and Daash and what so called ISIS are both created by American and Western intelligence to terrorize people, defame Islam and Muslims, achieve gains for world power countries and some influential politicians, as well as justify all their dirty work of war against humanity. Actually ISIS is the name of an ancient Egyptian Goddess of Life, Nature, Spirit, Friend to the Downtrodden, Throne Wearer, Sitting Woman.

No one can imagine anything about what is being planned by politicians in the wake of the heinous crime, what will happen?? And who will climb up on the shoulders of the victims and the pain of the bereaved families?? Who can say why French police killed the two Kouachi brothers though their task is to arrest them alive in order to understand the dimensions and reveal mysteries about the tragic massacre that claimed the lives of 12 journalists and injured at least 13 others???

The implementation of the Paris attack raises doubts about a plot in which multiple intelligence services are participating in order to hit the Arab Muslim community in France and the EU!

The attack took place during the editorial board meeting of Charlie Hebdo right before they discussed the theme: “The fight against racism and hatred against foreigners and the hatred and fear of Islam or Muslims, (Islamophobia).”

According the New York Times, Sharif became inspired to fight in jihad due to the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuses. Prior to the emergence of those abuses, the Liberation newspaper reported that Sharif was not a devout Muslim. He had girlfriends, smoked and drank alcohol. On January 8, the day after the Charlie Hebdo attack, a rap video apparently featuring Cherif Kouachi appeared:

Brothers Sharif and Said Kouachi were orphaned by their Algerian-immigrant parents as children. They were born in Paris, raised in the French city of Rennes, and later moved back to Paris, where Sharif worked as pizza delivery man, reported Liberation.

Israel Incites Against Muslims Before and After Paris Attack

Yediot Ahronot, the Israeli newspaper wrote: “So far, the French have had no real interest in the Islamic terror, as it focused on the Jewish issue. As long as Jews were the only ones getting killed, they didn’t really care and could just go back to business as usual. Today they, and the entire Europe, are shocked because French police officers and journalists have been killed.”

In another report Yediot wrote: “Paris attack should become a milestone in the war against Muslim terror; but it won’t, because the Western world is not physically or mentally prepared to fight the enemies rising up to destroy it.

…. the Muslim empire struck again on Wednesday, and it will strike the European community, which it envies, again and again. Millions of Muslims have already occupied a significant part of Europe ‘s countries a long time ago. The Muslim invasion of the continent requires every European politician to consider the many voices of the Muslim population. Even a European politician who despises the Muslims, their religion and their lifestyle would be unwilling to risk making harsh comments, although he is expected to make them, at least today.….

Half a million Jews live in France, but the Algerian community always wins first place in all fields, including arts, sports, and politics. The most famous singer in France is of Algerian origin, the most famous football player is of Algerian origin, and the most famous French minister is of Algerian origin. Perhaps these facts create a bad taste for others, especially when first place is not occupied by those carrying double nationalities like Israelis.

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  • Rabbitnexus

    A shining example of the best sort of journalism and what I always hope to find you writing sister. Brilliant piece.

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