Israel Gains from Paris attack, 5,000 Police To Protect Jews

French ArmyFrench Interior Minister Bernard Kazno announced the appointment of 4700 police and army officers to be placed at all 717 Jewish schools in different parts of France in addition to some 4,100 gendarmes already deployed.

France will deploy 10,000 soldiers on home soil by Tuesday and post almost 5,000 extra police officers to protect Jewish sites after the killing of 17 people in Paris last week.

French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Odrian told reporters during his visit to “Yaguel Yaacov Montrouge” jewish school which is located near Paris that 10 thousand troops will help maintain security in sensitive locations across the country, such as the Jewish synagogue, temples and schools.

He added that his country remained at risk of further attacks and soldiers would guard transport hubs, tourism sites and key buildings and mount general street patrols.

“The threats remain and we have to protect ourselves from them. It is an internal operation that will mobilize almost as many men as we have in our overseas operations,” Le Drian told reporters after a cabinet meeting.

The victims died in three days of violence that began Wednesday with a shooting attack on the political weekly Charlie Hebdo, known for its satirical attacks on Islam and other religions.

The Charlie Hebdo attackers, two French-born brothers of Algerian origin, singled out the weekly for its publication of cartoons depicting and ridiculing the Prophet Mohammed.

The French Police killed the terrorist attackers instead of arresting and interrogating them as it should be. This raised more doubts about the terrorist attack. Many people believe that the Western intelligence agencies were implicated in the terrorist attack, especially since the French government is known to have provided protection and cover for terrorists and allowed them to recruit hundreds of French citizens to join the ranks of the Daash fighters in Syria.

Over 1.2 million people marched in Paris on Sunday and 2.5 million more in the provinces. The Paris march was led by dozens of foreign leaders.

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