ISIS is a Goddess From the Polytheistic Pantheon of Egypt

photocAnother opinion sent by an American citizen about the Paris attack, Chelli Stanley wrote: “Don’t believe everything you see. They can make images to replace reality transmit through tv isis is clearly what is called a false flag operation made by western powers to be their straw man enemy.”

Isis is also the name of an ancient Egyptian Goddess of Life, Nature, Spirit, Friend to the Downtrodden, Throne Wearer, Sitting Woman.

Stanley asked some questions: Why would this group have a name with an English-based acronym? Why are they destabilizing the Middle East? Why were early videos showing people with strong British accents wearing masks and promoting the organization? And Why of all things, would they name this Isis?

The United States Government has a very sordid history, both in foreign relations and in domestic ones. They won’t tell you this though. You’ll have to look away from their screens to learn so yeah don’t believe everything you see on tv.

The truth is that when I was in the Middle East I was welcomed and greeted like a sister. I ate with people, invited into homes, warm with families and realness and depth and beautiful people who gave me gifts of time and love.

The Middle East the United States Government talks about is one I never could have imagined without them, and it one that are trying to create through their constant wars, bullying, aggression, threats, and support of very unpopular dictators and colonial governments. They like to call the kettle black and proclaim their own innocence in all affairs, even though they are the ones in other people’s countries, dropping bombs continually on other people’s homes.

The Middle East I know is culture, warmth, love, spiritual, healthy people eating fresh delicious food. Nowhere is perfect of course, but to be sure, people are people everywhere, and in some places so beautiful and old like the Middle East, there is a depth to people that is hard to find sometimes in the media-saturated United States.

So if what this government says was true, why did I find so much love in the Middle East? I went there as a young woman and was greeted as a friend, taught with respect, given love and friendship.

I am lucky. I got to see with my own eyes, touch with my own hands, listen with my own ears and learn with my own heart. Maybe no one in the United States can really understand how beautiful a place is that they have never been to and only heard slander about, and maybe it’s hard to separate people living under war from those waging war on them, as it appears it is during this time. So I know I’m lucky, and I know who my enemies are and who my friends are too. There is so much realness to make of this time, and I look forward to veils dropping and image toppling.

3 comments to ISIS is a Goddess From the Polytheistic Pantheon of Egypt

  • Helen

    Amen to that sister…I love going to the middle east..culture and life is amazing..its to bad the Americans are so pumped up with hate.. but then thats what they are taught…

  • I am a Christian. I endorse what you say and am not surprised re ISIS as I know that the Jews in their Talmud, have gods. They have YHWH, Thoth, identified as a moon god of Egypt, BC2000 – a witchcraft used name for their spells.
    As for Moslem countries. I have lived in a few and although there were some against Christianity, it was easy and pleasant to live among them on friendly terms. But we never spoke against their beliefs. In Pakistan, some even came to my meetings and were happy to be here and I happy to see them and even pray for them in the Name of Jesus. Although I know Him as the Son of God, I recognize there is some respect for Him as a prophet, in Islam. The current events in the world are designe by the Jews to control what were known as Christian countries, e.g. USA and to remove all signs of Christianity in Middle Eastern countries. So they stir up the Moslems in order to provoke re-actions towards a war to the kill. We found freedom of religio in Indonesia, Malaysia, Kerala and to a certain extent, in Pakistan. But I am a Christian that I will always be.

  • Joseph Sweet

    It was many years ago that I was in the Middle East and North Africa, among people who I grew to greatly admire and RESPECT; who treated me kindly, warmly, and with a hospitality that I had never known before. It is shameful that my ‘fellow’ Americans are so narrow minded, bigoted, aggressive, and hostile (murderous), to the people of so many other cultures. Even worse, is the American media, federal, and state governments, and their ‘agencies’ who promote misunderstanding and hatred for their own advantage without regard for consequences. For the sake of ‘our’ survival as a species, we in the hostile nations will have to learn how to respect others. To do this, we will have to begin with ending our bizarre and arrogant ideology of we westerners being the ‘exceptional’ people. So too, will the Israelis have to give up their exceptional ideology.

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