Hidden Camera At Bathroom Of An American Guesthouse in Germany

DSC_8386bI shot these pictures on Monday Dec. 15 2014 at 12:23 at one of the guesthouses in Germany.

The pictures clearly show that there was a hidden camera installed at the bathroom of the Guests.

I noticed the camera after I had finished showering. My picture was appeared at the top of a column which installed in the bathroom. I immediately brought my camera and filmed the scene.

During shooting the scene, the owner of the guesthouse knocked at the door of my room. I asked him to wait. It took me less than five minutes to collect my personal belonging and leave the room.

After I left, I sent the pictures to the owner of the Guesthouse.

I asked him about the reasons behind installing the camera inside the bathroom of his guests, and how many women he had filmed inside the bathroom?

He said:Kawther nice try!! to black mail me with your own camera.”

I asked him to delete any scene was captured by the camera installed at the bathroom.

“You have to delete the video film which you made while I was showering.
I saw that you fix a camera in the toilet.
Unfortunately I discovered this after I finished my shower.
I order you to delete my film which the video camera captured and never think to sell it or use it or send it to your friends in israel.

Making videos of naked guests in your hotel is absolutely against the laws of Deutschland and the EU.
If you publish this film or sell it then I will send you a lawyer who knows how deal with you.

Ich bin Journalistin und nicht eine schlamppe (translation: I am a journalist and not a bitch)
Meine Frage ist: Wie viele nackte Frauen hast du fotografiert, während sie sich duschten  ?? Wie viele Video-Filme hast du gemacht. Und was hast du getan in diesen Filmen? (Translation: how many naked women you have filmed in shower?? How many film you have made? And what you did with these films??).
I am very sad to discover the scandal. I was scared since you gave me a room without key.
Shame on you.”

The owner of the Guesthouse wrote me back a threat saying:

“1 – where is this camera?? 2 the camera or whatsoever it is , is located in the bath room floor and is impossible physically you did not see it ???? on the floor considering the small size of the bath room when you where inside the bath room .!!

Nice try Kawther, for witch agency you are working Mossad, CIA, or free lance crook??.
My lawyer will have good time with you, and will turn those accusations very quickly against you; you are an amateur Kawther and is laughable,
Black mail do not work with me, and also is a risky business for people who do that”

I wrote him back: “As you said the experts of crimes at the court of Justice are able to say if there was a camera or not at the guests shower. And if the pictures which I captured were true or falsified.

Talking about lawyers doesn’t shake one hair in my head.

The other Bullshit which You SAID ONLY represents you. You may work with CIA and MOSSAD agencies (… name deleted) but not me. I heard you speaking Hebrew. OK that’s fine.

Only want to say. HAVE PEACE WITH YOUR SELF AND learn how to let others have the peace too.

Whatever you did or if you did not did I don’t care. I trust myself and I know who I am and how to defend MY RIGHTS and the human rights.”

He said: “In court of law evidence will be in my favor for several reasons ?? , you will be very quickly in a bad shape
I suspect you to work for an agency , and if a scandal pop out the agency will be on first page , As a trap job I rate that mediocre and ridiculous .
Also I am not interested to see your body or sleep with you , I was interested only on your friendship and as you know I make no advance to you on this matter . Also I do not show to ma friends pictures of naked womans , I am well , educated and dislike all form of pornography vilifying woman’s
I will never know probably the bottom of this story but frankly I do not care”.

It should be noted that the owner of the Guesthouse is and old man who carried an American and European nationalities. His guesthouse was empty of other guests on Dec. 15 2014. It also seems to be that nobody was in his guesthouse since long time.

He is one of my readers since 2010. He invited me several times to visit him. He always said that he admires and respects my work and my journalistic talent, but his admiration was very clear.


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