Vote for Racism and Discrimination in Israel

israel votHave the israeli occupation’s war crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity perpetrated in the occupied Palestinian West Bank and Gaza Strip inflicted damages on the jewish communities around the world after the Netanyahu administration approved contentious legislation designating Israel, the occupied Palestine in 1948, as the home of the jews?

The Netanyahu administration government approved on Sunday, Nov. 23 3014, contentious legislation officially designating Israel as home of Jewish people. The bill will pass a preliminary reading in the Knesset on Wednesday Nov. 26 2014 and will be revised to conform to a government bill which will be drafted and approved by the cabinet soon.

The proposals of so-called “National Law” were submitted by MKs Ze’ev Elkin, (Likud) and Ayelet Shaked. (Jewish Home). The aim of “national law” is to define the State of Israel as the state nationalism of the Jewish people, and the formulation of its values as a Jewish and democratic state based on the so-called ‘”Declaration of Independence”.

Earlier Sunday, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement denouncing the proposed Israeli bill and considered it to be part of an all-out apartheid war waged by the Israeli government against Jerusalem, its holy sites and its people.

According to the Israeli media, all of Yesh Atid’s ministers voted against, as did Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, while all of the radical ministers of Likud, Yisrael Beiteinu and Bayit Yehdui voted in favor. Culture Minister Limor Livnat abstained from the vote, and was the sole Likud minister not to follow the party line.

The proposed change to the laws is a clear discrimination against its 1.7 million Arab citizens. The “Jewish homeland” proposal becomes law, it would mean “the institutionalization of racism, which is already a reality on the street according to legal advisors.

Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein, the government’s legal adviser, has also criticised the proposal, saying it weakens the state’s democratic character.

The bill recognizes Israel’s Jewish character, institutionalizes Jewish law as an inspiration for legislation, and delists Arabic as an official language. The bill is expected to go to the Knesset later this week for its first reading, but its final form is likely to be more moderate. Arab rights groups call it racist, and the attorney general has expressed reservations.

“This is a law that Ben-Gurion and Jabotinksy would have opposed,” Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid said, slamming the proposed version of the bill, which is actually two different proposals being voted on one after the other

The cabinet debate took a turn for the dramatic with harsh tones, table slamming, and round-robin attacks from ministers Lapid, Livni, German, Piron, and Peri on Prime Minister Netanyahu for advancing the legislation. “You are proposing legislation which will ruin our democracy. You want a religious state.”

“We wouldn’t have gotten to this point if Livni had acted otherwise,”Netanyahu responded, referring to the justice minister’s decision to postpone a ministerial committee debate on the issue. “A feeble policy does not serve the present reality.

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  • Defiant

    When I saw the headline, I thought Obama must be on their ballot! LOL! Then I realized it was just more hate from the Muzzies…

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