Iran Warns The West Of Chaos If Nuke Talks Fail

DSC_7777Iran warned the Western world, the US, Britain, France, Russia and China and Germany ( the known P5+1) of the dangerous ramification of failing to reach a deal over its disputed nuclear program, only a day ahead of the talks self-imposed deadline, and with chances of a deal looking slim-to-none.

Ali Khoram, an adviser to Iran’s Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif reportedly told reporters that “Failure of the negotiations will inevitably boost radicals on both sides and will create far more chaotic and dangerous results both regionally and internationally,”

A deadline for resolving a 12-year-old dispute over Iran’s nuclear program may be extended from Monday until March, because of sharp disagreements between Tehran and Western powers, officials close to the talks said on Thursday.

The negotiations, under way in Vienna, are deadlocked, officials say, and will probably have to be extended due to a number of sticking points, such as limits on Iran’s uranium enrichment and the speed at which sanctions on Tehran would be lifted.

Iranian official told reports today: “We need more time to resolve technical issues and don’t forget that the time frame for lifting sanctions is still a huge dispute”. He added that an extension until March was a possibility. Western officials also suggested March was an option, with a resumption of talks in January.

The officials said, however, that Iran and the six were not actively discussing an extension yet and would push for a deal by the deadline, which has already been extended from July. Officials close to the negotiations, which began in February, say that Iran wants all key sanctions on oil exports and banking terminated almost immediately, not merely suspended as the United States and European officials have said.

Western officials say that Iran also refused to budge on enrichment, despite repeated offers of potential compromises by the six powers, including the United States. He added: “Tehran is willing to consider keeping fewer enrichment centrifuges as long as they are advanced, to keep the volume unchanged.” stating that this represents no compromise at all.

The Iranians, however, pin the blame on Western powers, which they accuse of expecting too much from Tehran. Iranian diplomat said: “Iran would resist Western pressure to make what it considered to be excessive concessions in the Vienna talks.”

DSC_7791On the other hand, it should be noted that a small tent was held as media center in front of Coburg hotel where the negotiations take place. The Iranian journalists have turned the place to a restaurant and mosque where they received hot meals from the Iranian embassy.

The small tent was like a prison where hundreds of journalists were jailed without public service. The  journalists were obliged to leave the tent and pass through improper security control each time they go to the to WC and return. 

The organizers of the event have clearly failed in their mission in dealing with journalists. They adopted discrimination policy in which some journalists were invited to the press briefing, taking pictures and filming the negotiator delegations at Hotel Coburg. Others journalists were left like herd of animals in the tent under the observations of the security team. They were far away of the center of the news and negotiations.

4 comments to Iran Warns The West Of Chaos If Nuke Talks Fail

  • DrJarmila

    Iran should not discuss her nuclear program, unless Israel abide by the same rules. One rule for all including USA, France, UK, Israel, India pakistan

  • Ludmila Capriani

    WELL, let’s talk about the treaty of non-proliferation an ALSO DESTRUCTION OF EXISTING NUCLEAR WEAPONS
    … are the US and their cumparses like France and the UK destroying their atomic bombs before trying to giving lessons to the iranians?

  • Defiant

    We need to stop this dance with Iran. CRUSH their nuke capability or FINALLY unleash Israel and let them do it. One way or another, the LUNATICS in Iran should NOT have the bomb…

    • Peter in the UK

      It is the lunatics in Israel who have the bomb you want to be worried about. A country like Israel who wars on their neighbours civil population centres and infrastructure (a listed war crime by the way) and with Nukes and bio weapons would frightened the life out of any sane human being if you ask me. Iran on the other hand does not have the bomb and as not made war on another country in almost 300 years. Who would you trust Defiant?

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