Three Israeli War Criminals Committed Suicide

golaniThree israeli war criminals committed suicide after three weeks of Tel Aviv genocide war on Gaza ended. Small story at the top of page 12 of the Hebrew Edition of “Yedioth Ahronoth”, written by Rotem Elizra, bearing the title “three soldiers who participated of “Operation Protective Edge” committed suicide.” According to the report, the IDF is looking into the possibility that they committed suicide because of severe horror which they experienced in combat during the war on Gaza. Elizra reports that three soldiers were in the regular army and served in the Givati Brigade, in the ground operation during the recent assault.

The commander of the Israeli war criminals, Colonel Ghassan Alian has revealed that 88 IDF officers and an Israeli soldier were killed or wounded in the first day of the ground operation aggression launched by the israeli occupation army on Gaza.

The Israeli military police have opened an investigation after three soldiers committed suicide.

According to the Israeli newspapers, in the three cases bullets from personal guns caused the deaths. Two of the soldiers shot themselves on army bases along the borders of the Gaza Strip. All the three cases were similar, as the personal guns were found beside the dead soldiers.

In 2013, eight Israeli soldiers had killed themselves, according to a source in the army’s psychological health department.

The causes of death of soldiers -2009-2011

The causes of death of soldiers -2009-2011

In 2012, 14 soldiers committed suicide. Of these soldiers, four were new immigrants – two from the former Soviet Union, one from Ethiopia and one from New Zealand.

Between 2007 and 2012, 123 IDF soldiers committed suicide. Most of them (82 percent) were in their years of mandatory service, 74% were ages 18-21 and most were not in combat units.

In addition, 37% of the soldiers committing suicide were born abroad. Over half of those soldiers were from the former Soviet Union, and 22% were from Ethiopia.
Research and Information Center reported in 2013.

Israel unleashed attacks on Gaza in early July and later expanded its military campaign with a ground invasion into the Palestinian territory. Over 2,130 Palestinians lost their lives and some 11,000 were injured. Gaza Health officials say the victims included 578 children and nearly 260 women.

5 comments to Three Israeli War Criminals Committed Suicide

  • Viktor

    Israeli soldiers are filled with lies (like their UK and USA counterparts) about terrorism and defending their country. Imagine the shock one experiences when they discover they are being used to wantonly kill mostly unarmed civilians, many of them children, and destroy non-military targets. Then, when the operation is over, to find out the Israeli leaders ordered them to commit war crimes so they could steal gas off the coast of Gaza and get huge kickbacks from Israeli building suppliers, as the law states that all the estimated 6 billion in rebuilding costs must be bought from Israeli suppliers. The world should hold Netanyahu to answer for these crimes.

  • “Israel” cannot be a ‘Jewish” state of mind…which is Hell.

    no one on Earth knowing the truth about the “Jewish” narrative
    HAS to stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound

    “They” {the Proselytes} to Talmudic Judaism could come out

    by Knowing the truth…

    Self immolation and suicide work but there are other options
    just ask Jesus…@ Matthew 13:42

  • Rabbitnexus

    Well it’s a start. Hopefully more will follow suit.

  • Petunia Skrebbles

    I believe it was Netanyahu’s son and his friends that refused to serve in the IDF as protest against Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. They were sent to jail for refusing, and from the jail cell sent out their reasons for their protest to the world. There are many Jewish people that stand with the Palestinians and protest against Israel for their genocide of these lovely people. I have videos of these Jewish protestors. They are real Jews and not Khazars who have not one ounce of Jewish blood in them. Its the khazars that control Israel and they are the converted ashkenazi Jews that migrated into eastern Europe when their country was dismantled.

    Many “real Jews” have had to seek asylum in London and New York due to vicious beatings they have received from the khazar settlers from Russia. They protest against the Zionists who are pagans and satanists that have presented themselves as Jews and are not real Jews. The khazars have no moral core, no heart, no humanity, no conscience and will brutally take whatever it is they want. They consider real Jews to be weak and pathetic. I consider the khazars to be brutal, psychopathic, and inhumane. I encourage real Jews to live with real humans in our various countries, until the messiah comes back to gather them up and lead them back to Israel.

  • to be a real “Jew” the “Jew” must Hate Jesus,
    and adhere to the teachings of the Talmud..{pharisees}

    the deity of the Talmud is Lucifer.

    the children of Israel have never been “Jews”.

    there are NO “Jews” in the Old Testament…

    the Old Testament is about the children of Israel not about
    anything “Jewish” which comes from the Talmud and is the
    Synagogue of Satan “Money Changers” & Pharisees…
    spiritual and economic terrorists into ledgerdemain
    SORCERY/Witch Craft/ Freemasonry…and Mass Murder
    “THEY” also print the currency and own the media
    in “Western Nations” [True Israel]…

    read all the way through the minor prophets and you will see
    no Yiddish speaking “Jews” with a Talmud…hating Jesus.

    no one knowing the truth HAS to stay in Talmudia…
    the stool sculpture deity cult compound…for TRUE “Jews”.

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