Amman - Russia Sign Nuclear Reactor Agreement


رئيس هيئة الطاقة يطالب اسرائيل بالانضمام إلى معاهدة عدم انتشار الأسلحة النووية

In light of the convening of 58th International Atomic Energy Agency, (IAEA) General Conference which held in Vienna, Dr. Khaled Toukan, chairman of the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission, head of delegation of Hashemite kingdom of Jordan has signed with Mr. Djomartov Aliyev, the general director of “Rusatom Overseas”, (the International Arm of the Russian State Corporation) an agreement on the development of the project of construction of the first nuclear Reactor in Jordan.

The agreement opens the door for starting studies on the project, including an environmental impact assessment, cooling the reactor, financing for the venture, the cost of building the reactor and the cost of electricity it generates. The studies will cost some JD46 million, will be financed by Jordan and completed in two years.

It defines the obligations of the parties, to start the implementation of the first phase of the nuclear reactor construction in the Jordanian province of the Zarqa with two units with a total capacity of 2,000 megawatts. The result will be the beginning of a new phase of the contract for the construction of a nuclear power plant, which is scheduled to conclude in two – five years.

DSC_4504Russian Atomic News has published the comment of Mr. Sergey Kiriyenko, head of the Russian state nuclear agency on the project. He said: “This is not some separate preliminary stage, this work, which in any case has to be done in the construction of any nuclear power plant. And we’ve done a great job, I consider it a great achievement that the Russian and Jordanian experts together found a very good platform for the construction of nuclear power plant, with a low seismic, well and geological conditions.”

According to him, the Government of Jordan has to find a solution to ensure that nuclear power plants with water and “there is no doubt that the project can be successfully implemented.”

In October 2013, Jordan announced that it has selected Russia to build the country’s first two nuclear reactors in a bid to produce atomic energy within the next decade.

The government selected Russian state-owned firm Rosatom as its preferred vendor to construct two 1,000-megawatt (MW) nuclear power plants east of Amman by 2022.

It is expected that this project will be the largest in the history of bilateral relations.
Under the deal, Rosatom has agreed to take on 49 per cent of the plants’ $10 billion construction and operation costs on a build-own-operate basis, with the government shouldering the remaining 51 per cent and retaining a majority share in the plants.

Kiriyenko said that the Government of Jordan has taken a very correct and current decision on the financing of the station, making the station open to attract investors from other countries as well. We are also ready to participate as an investor, not only as an engineering company.
He added: “We are ready to act as a co-investor, but we do not claim controlling interest, we believe that this is the Jordanian station and it should be controlled by the Government of Jordan and investors from Jordan and the surrounding areas.”

It should be noted that Jordan has become the third Arab state to pursue peaceful nuclear energy, with the United Arab Emirates set to build four reactors with a combined 5,600MW capacity by 2020 and Egypt reaffirming in 2013 its plans to establish a 1,000MW reactor by the end of the decade.

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