Was Israeli Mafia Involved In Mass Murder of Immigrants In the Mediterranean??

thumbgen.phpIt is known that the jewish mafia plays the most horrific role in human-trafficking misery and organized crime around the world. Members of mafia organizations work and operate with crime syndicates in Egypt through which they transfer the illegal migrants in unsafe and dangerous voyage from Africa to the EU

On Sept. 6 2014, more than 700 people fleeing Gaza Strip, Africa Syria, Egypt and Sudan have drowned after traffickers rammed and sank their boat in the Mediterranean. According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the death toll of the immigrants during this year is almost 3000.

Horrific details of the shipwreck, told to IOM by survivors, came after dozens of African migrants were reported missing and feared dead after their boat sank off the coast of Libya.

According to the survivors, the Syrian, Palestinian, Egyptian, and Sudanese migrants set out from Damietta in Egypt on Sept. 6, and were forced to change boats several times during the crossing towards Europe. The traffickers who were on a separate boat, then ordered them onto a smaller vessel, which many of the migrants feared was too small to hold them, when they refused to cross over to the new boat, the furious traffickers rammed their boat until it capsized, the survivors told the maritime organization.

This was the first illegal immigration voyage that carried a large number of Palestinians who fled the Israeli war crimes, miserable life and the continued closure imposed on their homeland in Gaza Strip since before 2006.

Israel certainly knows well all the names and the number of the Palestinian immigrants who were on board at the illegal voyage which was launched from Damietta in Egypt to Italy.

But no one knows if there was any Palestinian among the immigrants who the so-called “state” of Israel wants to kill him and because of that the immigration vessel was drowned in the Mediterranean???

In all cases, the lives of Palestinians and other people who are not jews have no value to the so-called the “state” of Israel?? Israel has perpetrated ethnic cleansing, genocide and uncounted war crimes in order to eliminate a Palestinian who was declared by the military war criminals generals as “wanted” person.

For this reason, the fingers are pointing towards Israel and the Jewish mafia in the Mass Murder of the 500 defenseless immigrants and refugees among them Palestinians from Gaza Strip. The callous act of deliberately ramming a boat full of hundreds of defenseless people is a crime against humanity and must that must be investigated.

2 comments to Was Israeli Mafia Involved In Mass Murder of Immigrants In the Mediterranean??

  • White Eagle

    Not saying your wrong, but is there any actual proof that can be shown to connect with the state of Israel itself, not just greedy, evil profit driven traffickers, of whom the whole world seems to be overly plagued with?
    This same problem exists on the Tex/Mex border, though on a much smaller at a time scale. (and you die of thirst instead of drowning if lost in the desert).

  • There is no salvation outside the True Catholic Church. http://www.johnthebaptist.us

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