Palestinian Militarized Police Ends Training In Austria


The Palestinian delegation, from left: 2ed, 3ed and fourth with the representatives of the Austrian local police, politics and the police from state vocational school of Bad Gleichenberg. Pic. Credit: Meine Woche – Feldbach


من هو عميد حركة فتح في النمسا؟؟؟
حمدت الله أن فلسطين لم تصاهر آل فرعون
الصحافة العنكبوتية بين صفقة الدجاج البياض وثريات الكريستال

Vienna – Within the framework of the EU project EUPOL COPPS and in coordination with the Austrian police, three Palestinian militarized police officers ended a short course in Austria to develop their capacity in the field of community policing.

The Palestinian officers spend three days in Austria. They visited the Federal Office of Criminal Investigation and the Public Advice Service of Police, the security academy of the Austrian Ministry of Interior. They spent a day at the regional vocational school at Bad Gleichenberg where they met with the captain district officer BH Alexander Majcan, district Police Commander and Group Inspector Herbert Karner Michael Köldorfer and as well their colleagues from the police station at Feldbach.

They trained in the fields of police and school children, “Children-Police”, road safety, the idea of “Street Worker” and they have a presentation of the association “White Ring”.


Pic. Credit: COPPS

The Palestinian paramilitary Police have perpetrated many crimes of murder in the occupied Palestinian West Bank during supposed attempts to arrest Palestinians and they continue violating the human tights under the silence and cover of the EUPOL COPPS.

During the past years, the Palestinian police arrested journalists, bloggers, academics, political activists, politicians from the ranks of the opposition as well as political prisoners released from the israeli jails and throwing them into the jails without trial, as a part of what so-called “security coordination with Israel” and “detention by wish of the governor”, just a model of administrative detention which the PA dictator regime inherited from the Jordanian rotten laws of so-called “Crime Prevention Law Nu. 7 of 1954 and in which both the PA dictatorial regime and the israeli criminals try to protect their power and dirty mission in Palestine.

It should be noted that the European police unit COPPS has been stationed since years in Ramallah and trains the Palestinian Police in the suppression of the Palestinian civilian society and of any citizen who would express views against the occupation.

The EU COPPS is garrisoned in Ramallah and works in occupied Palestine according to supplemental political protocols imposed on the Palestinian people. Their presence has resulted in a great increase in the brutality of Palestinian police. They are fully responsible for mass arrests, torture, deaths and continued violations of human rights perpetrated by the Palestinian police.

The European COPPS forces train the Palestinian police to do their dirty work which simply can be described as methodical violations of the international humanitarian law, as repressive dictatorship gangs whose tasks are defined simply as suppressing Palestinian opposition to the occupation and to turn Palestine into a bigger Guantanamo.
Pic. Credit: Meine Woche – Feldbach

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