Videos of US Terrorist Israeli Jews Throwing Stones at Palestinians

The videosw below were published by B’Tselem for Human rights.
On 16 August 2014, after 6:00 P.M., Video of israeli zionist settlers, USA citizen who occupied the heart of city of Hebron where 200000 Palestinians live in the occupied West Bank are throwing stones at Palestinians. The terrorists American jews stop behind the so-called “Beit Hadassah” colony in Hebron to throw stones at Palestinians.

The settlers were throwing stones from a spot near a military guard post, yet the soldiers stationed there did nothing to stop them. Nonetheless, the soldiers used crowd control measures against the Palestinians who were throwing stones, and even detained two, one of them a boy.


Anat Cohen

Women that appear in the first film throwing stones at the Palestinian homes is Anat Cohen.
Cohen lives at the so-called Beit Hadassa squatter colony together with her husband Ronen Cohen and her (estimated 14) children. The house belongs to the Palestinian owner Mr. Abu Ribhi Dies who was thrown out of his house together with many Palestinian neighboring families in 1975 by the force after a military order supporting the theft of this house by Cohen and her associates was issued. This house was turned in 1979 into the jewish squatter colony “Beit Hadassa”. The garage of this house was later razed together with 12 palestinian shops to the ground, and is now used by colonists as animal zoo and garage.

Cohen is an assistant of the terrorist and murderer Rabbi Moshe Levinger from the “Gush Emunim” terror organization, who together with his wife were the first jewish squatters in the center of Hebron after they rented themselves into a hotel representing themselves as Swiss tourists. Levinger later founded the jewish terror movement “Gush Emunim”, moved to Kiryat Arba and later to Beit Hadassa and now occupies the Palestinian vegetable market, which was turned in 1980 into the so-called Avraham Avinu settlement.

The children of Cohen are members of the Kach / New Kach jewish terrorist group and are also acquainted to the “Gush Emunim”, “Jewish Underground”, “Roads Security Committee” which have been involved in many attacks on Palestinians and their property in Hebron and the nearby villages.

According to B’Tselem, the israeli soldiers detained Mahmoud Abu Hayah, a B’Tselem camera volunteer who also recorded the incident. They kept him there for two hours after the incident, but did not take him to the police station.

Some nine months ago, on 10 November 2013, the same B’Tselem camera volunteer filmed soldiers standing by at the very same spot while a settler threw stones.

Each of the three segments indicates that the soldiers disregarded their duty to protect the Palestinians in the area during these incidents: they took no steps to stop the settlers’ violent actions, while taking measures only against violent actions by Palestinians. Moreover, it appears that the soldiers made no attempt to identify masked settlers or detain any settlers at all and hold them until the police could arrive to ensure proper law enforcement.

The reality created by Israel’s occupation of Hebron gives rise to frequent skirmishes between settlers and Palestinians in the city. The military is duty-bound to take action to enforce the law on both parties. Refraining from action against violent settlers conveys a message that settlers may attack Palestinians and their property and get military protection to do so.


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