Look At The Video That Does Not Appear On The CNN

The video below shows how the Israeli war criminal forces (IWCF) committed a premeditated massacre at the Shejai’ya neighborhood in the north of Gaza Strip and how the criminal air-forces and artillery bombed a gathering of Palestinian citizens, ambulance crews, photographers and journalists who went to evacuate a number of wounded and murdered Palestinians JUST five minutes before the (IWCF) massacred them.

Despite the gathering of medical crews and Journalist as the video shows, the israeli artillery bombed the place with more than six shells led to the death and injury of everyone was in the place. Off course this video will never appear at the CNN and US media owned by zionists and American senators.

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3 comments to Look At The Video That Does Not Appear On The CNN

  • hipriestess4u

    The law is being destroyed on Planet earth by the Tribe of dan, the Khazars, the false synogogue of Satan, and no one is trying to stop the carnage of the murder of God’s true children…the Palestinians are the orignal jews, they never left, only converted to Islam, and the Khazars, the false jews are killing them enmasse…everytime one of these dies, another species goes extinct, and great extinction event is about to happen because no one on planet earth believes in or practices the rule of law…No ONE is above the law, especiall the cretins in Isra Hell!! If we want to save the Planet, we must stop this carnage!

  • Ghazali

    May Allah help the poor Palestinian people, Amin!!
    How the Jewish owned press blame the victims against a premeditated military killing, is just a mental case no human being with any love in their heart can accept.

    The Palestinian people are under apartheid rule in Gaza. Hamas is their democratically chosen representative.
    After living in torment under an illegal Israeli occupation (apartheid really), something has got to give. It is their only outlet (small portable rocket shootings to minor Israeli sites) against the daily pummeling, 24/7.

    My hopes are with Allah, never with the UN which allowed this massacre to happen, with full knowledge.

    May Allah have mercy on the Palestinian tormentors, the Zionist Jews.. because on Judgment Day, even a Palestinian who had lost his beloved son or beloved wife to them will sympathize with the Zionist Jews’ punishment meted by Allah Almighty, Most Fair.
    Enough is Allah, my protector..

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