Devastating Earthquake Made in Israel, With US Explosives


My dear readers, may I ask you write to your governments and representatives in parliament about the scenes of devastation and destruction from the Gaza Strip by the merchants of war, genocide and ethnic cleansing, the occupation soldiers of the so-called “state” of israel, which your American and European governments support with tons of explosives and weapon of mass destruction so that israel can commit more war crimes and genocide and demolish more houses over the heads of Palestinian civilians while sleeping in their homes?

Under the rubble of the scenes of destruction, or the earthquake made by the zionist israeli war criminal forces (ZIWCF), the Shujaiyya and khan Younes, central Gaza Strip and Rafah, N (6)Palestinian rescue crews and paramedics pulled today, Saturday the bodies of 130 people under the rubble of homes completely leveled by Israeli shelling across Gaza Strip, bringing the death toll to 1000.

Among the bodies found twenty people from the Najjar family, one whole family extinguished. There are still hundreds missing, fallen, while the stench of decomposing bodies wafts from under the yet unexplored mounts of rubble.

Most of the bodies were recovered from under the rubble of civilian houses leveled as a result of the heavy Israeli air strikes and artillery shelling in As-Shaja‘iya and Al-Zeitoun neighborhoods, to the east of Gaza city, Beit Hanoun and Beir Lahia, in northern Gaza Strip, and Khuza‘a to the east of Khan Younes.

My dear readers: your governments are involved in genocide and war crimes committed by the jewish state against us, in our homeland Palestine, for more than 66 years. It is your moral duty to stop the crimes in which your governments partake. To ask cause your governments to stop aiding and abetting the crimes of Israel is also in your own best interest, because the weapons and ammunitions which your government provides to the jewish criminals are more often than not provided for free while they are being paid for with your tax money: instead of using the taxes which you pay to improve the conditions of your life in your countries, your governments send that.

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9 comments to Devastating Earthquake Made in Israel, With US Explosives

  • Hallo Frau Salam,


    May God in Christ have mercy upon the Palestinians and deliver them immediately – we must do the same.

    Viva Palestine!


  • Eileen K.

    I am in total agreement with Stepan. The illegal, rogue “state” of Israel is, indeed, guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity. The #1 war crime (of which Israel is guilty) is waging aggressive war, which the Zionist Entity has done several times in its 66-year existence. The first world leader to recognize this rogue “state” was none other than Josef Stalin, followed almost immediately by Harry S. Truman (the British PM, I believe, was still Winston Churchill). Israel is also guilty of the deliberate attack on the USS Liberty during the Six-Day War that killed 34 crewmen and injured 171 others. The IDF also massacred Egyptian POW’s, another war crime.

    This is the second time in less than ten years that the IDF has bombed Gaza, using banned weapons such as white phosphorus and cluster bombs, all to do as much damage as possible. It’s time to put Israel’s war criminals on trial for their crimes; it’s time for every nation – including the US, Canada, and EU countries to arrest any Israeli leader, whether military or civilian, the moment he/she steps off the plane at the host country’s airport, and prosecute them for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

  • randhir singh

    Thanks for bringing out these shocking and sad photos.
    It seems there is no humanity left. This is beyond barbaric.
    I wish all countries and people can boycott both the US and Israel in every possible way.
    Drop the dollar, do not buy any US made product, do not fly in Boeing aircrafts (always can be hijacked), no apple phones etc etc. May there be peace, though chances are looking less,

  • I actually “Unfortunately” waste my time contacting my Rep’s. And I am sure that you know that they will not listen to their constituents because they are either paid off by you know who’s who or being black mailed by other entities of the establishment. This is an atrocity in Gaza (Genocide-don’t forget Ukraine) and shows just what kind of People we have allowed to control the show for their own “George Soros” gains. (Don’t Forget Bibi Netinlunitic)
    Satin has accelerated his plans for total destruction of this living Planet so be prepared. For some uncanny reason they just don’t care. Must be all of the in-breeding So Folk’s It’s not going to be Kittens and Puppies what so ever…

  • Mary B

    If Hamas would quit attacking Israel FIRST, if Hamas would quit using woman and children as shields and would fight like men, if Hamas would quit hiding munitions caches in hospitals and refugee centers… BOTH sides are to blame for what is going on. Have someone launch thousands of rockets at you, would you sit there and be destroyed or would you fight back?

    • Tom

      If Hamas would quit attacking first? Are you kidding me? Israel did create Hamas in the first place. To put blame on both sides says already enough about your intelligence. Palestinians are not at fault here but are the victims. You should get your brain fixed and read about their history again to reevaluate your opinion.

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