See How Israeli War Criminals Massacre Children On Gaza Beach

Screen shot _edited-1Israel war criminals have continued their bloody aggression on the children of the besieged Gaza on the ninth day.

The Israeli naval boats monitored four children having fun like butterflies on the beach of Gaza in front of a Hotel assesses a number of journalists. The naval decided to kill them for making fun.

The children were helping their father to provide the juice to the reporters when the naval boats shelled the beach. The naval have targeted the children with the full intention to kill them without mercy.

The children were identified as Ahed Atef Bakir, 10, Zakaria Ahed Bakir, 10, Mohammad Ramiz Bakir, 11 and Ismail Mahmoud Bakir, 9. The father was injured seriously and transferred to the hospital of

On the ninth day of the Israeli war on the besieged Gaza, 23 Palestinians were killed and dozens injured bringing the death toll to 222.

According to medical statistic, 222 Palestinians were killed and more than 1670 others were injured among them infants, dozens of children, women and elderly, since the beginning of the ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza, which started on July 8 2014.

Ayelet Shaked, a member of the jewish home party at the knesset, demanded on Monday July 14 2014 that all the Palestinian mothers should be killed like their children and their blood shall be on all their head. She added: “They are all enemy combatants and nothing fair more than to kill them otherwise they will bring more snakes here.”

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19 comments to See How Israeli War Criminals Massacre Children On Gaza Beach

  • Joohunter

    These hooked nose phuckers will be hunted down one day and and their race and religion will cease to exist. Never again shall a big nosed yahud will exist on earth.

  • When I see what those Khazars are doing to the people of Palestine it fills my heart with sorrow & rage. I`m beginning to think that Hitler might have been right about one thing.

  • Isiah chapter 1

    When you spread forth you hands I will hide my eyes from you, when you make many prayers, I will not hear: your hands are full of blood.
    …put away the evil of your doings from before my eyes, cease to do evil.
    Learn to do well, seek judgment.relieve the oppressed, judge (for) the fatherless, plead for the widow.

    In the last days the mountain of the lords house will be established in Isreal (and by the Lord, not the UN, not the Pope,)and ALL nations will flow to it.

  • War crimes, genocide, crime against humanity, endless hostilities, deliberately targeting a large besieged civilian population that has literally been driven into a corner of their ancestral land. All we hear is lectures and pontifications on democracy, HR, children rights, freedom, liberty. Lies repeated endlessly. Total hypocrisy. Israelis and their western backers have been trying for centuries to establish a world military dictatorship but now the rest of the world (80% of global population) sees through their inherent genetical barbarity and will respond accordingly.

  • pons

    What do you mean, “beginning to think” ? Bit bloody slow aren’t you?

  • Eva Nielsen

    The killing machine Israhell at work. Those heartbreaking photos of the dead palestinian boys on the beach make me cry. ISRAHELL and their people are REPTILIANS – put sanctions and boycot those masters of evil – world should finish with them.

  • Eva Nielsen

    Where is my comment???

  • michael mazur

    This is a 3:47sec video of the inside of a Gaza emergency room from about six days ago. The horrific images are not pixelled out, and we see them like the staff do.

  • Norman G Smith

    As I watch the daily war crimes, and satanic terror Israel (with American weapons/WMD’s) inflicts on the families of Palestine, I can only take comfort from the words of Jesus. Jesus will put “The Synagogue of Satan” in their place, washing the feet of the Palestinian people.

    In Revelation 3:9-3:10 Jesus says: “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan.– I will make them come and bow down to wash your feet, and make them know that I have loved you.”

    “Because you have kept the word of My perseverance, I also will keep you from the hour of testing, that hour which is about to come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth.…”

  • Ray Ybarra

    I agree with MS Nielsen, the US should stop all aid to Israel. Let them fight their own battles without US help.
    I cannot believe the brutality that country commits on innocent chidren. Isis/Ra/Elohim. Que pais tan culero.

  • Jolly Roger

    You have to wonder if zionists are even human. They commit these atrocities on a regular basis, when they’re not killing people to harvest their organs, or causing all the wars of the last century. The zionism have GOT to go. They’ve been nothing but an offense to humanity for 2000 years.

  • hamas is terror

    i dont see any articles here about israel being bombed with rockets that target ONLY civil

    and u clal it a press ?? i woudl call it lies

  • Grampa

    When one is at war you must target the one who is pointing a weapon at you.
    Your assumption that these children is ludicrous for If I were targeting an enemy I would aim it at a target that would kill the most enemy that I could. Children on a beach pose no threat and a waste of rockets. If you have a gun aimed at you from a man standing among ten do you aim at one of the ten? No you aim at the one with the gun. This is only usage of media to falsely criminalize. Who ever came up with this has a small mind that cannot reason.

  • waylan

    Whole thing is a lie,from top to bottom. this was planned 3 weeks in advance- at a IDF/ Netanyahu cabinet meeting. Mossad head posed “what if 3 teenagers kidnapped..?” rest is history.

    False flag to break up the Palestine Unity govt. False religion based on a Moses plagiarized from neighboring cults. Fake khazars posing as self-declared Chosen.
    The Pharisees won this battle 2000+ yrs ago when they began their huge religious psyops called ‘judaism’. As long as you all agree to the basic tenet? You will never be free or living in truth.
    Gaza alone now. It stabbed its biggest supporter- Syria- in the back, when Syria was attacked by Zionist agents Mista aravim. Instead of loyalty to a nation long assisting Palestine? It betrayed them in the most hurtful, ugly way. Maybe it is getting its karma.

  • Fadlo Dualibi Neto

    Yes, [deleted] was right!

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