Pictures of The Austrian Soldiers Swearing to Defend their Homeland


On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, Minister Gerald Klug and his Serbian counterpart Bratislav Gasic, as well as Mr. Erich Hohenberger, the governor of the third Viennese district, Professor Harry Kopietz, President of the Viennese City Council and dozens of military honorations together with their families attended a military ceremony swearing in 150 Austrian soldiers.

DSC_2602The ceremony was held in the fresh air under the sun and before hundreds of visitors to the Belvedere Palace in the third Viennese district. Austrians as well as tourists surrounded the place of the ceremony and stayed to the end.

The Austrians listened carefully to the delivered speeches about the history of their country but the tourists seemed to be more busy taking pictures of the military ceremony.

The first World War reminds Austrians and Europeans of their people who were shot, jailed and tortured during that war. It also reminds the peoples of the former Austrian-Hungarian Empire of the assassination of the heir to the throne, prince Franz Ferdinand, who was murdered by Gavrilo Princip and bled to death in his military uniform.

Using the Belvedere Palace as the place where the ceremony was held was also intended to remind the Austrian People of their history and World War II, and the signing of the agreement which ended the occupation of Austria and the departure of the Russian soldiers from Austria after World War II.

During the ceremony, Minister Klug delivered a speech and spoke about the history of Austria and the EU in the 100 years after the First World War. He said: “I believe it is particularly important to remember these events with representatives of that region, which is essential for maintaining peace and stability in Europe.”

Minister Klug commented on the attendance of the swearing ceremony of his counterpart from Serbia saying: “This shows once again that Europe is growing together into a federation of states for peace and cohesion.”

Earlier today, Minister Klug and his counterpart held a press conference at the ministry of Defense in which Minister Klug presented new exhibition dedicated to the First World War by commemorating the history of that war in a museum. Read in German.



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10 comments to Pictures of The Austrian Soldiers Swearing to Defend their Homeland

  • hp

    It’s the 5th column which needs defending against. DOH!! Too Late!

  • Kenguru

    Do these people know that they are giving oath in front of those who surrendered their homeland to a foreign financial occpoation?

  • Rimond Lighter

    Hope Ms. Salam I am happy for your objective and neutral work. If you are in the US, then the military will not allow you to attend their activities. They do not trust journalists and as well they are corrupt and drug dealers.

    Hope that the Austrian military will not harm you like what the israeli soldiers did to you in Palestine!!
    Be careful all the military are not friendly during the war and conflict!!

  • Terry

    Austria can only defend its country with on going dezionofication. The misuse of “antisemitism education” should also be prevented by including the Nabka and the price the Palestinians have paid because of the Holocaust.

  • Vlad the Impaler

    Wunderball, not a negro among them

  • Thomas

    Our American soldiers swore to defend our country by smuggling drugs, spying on the International community, western countries and occupying many other poor countries, protecting and defending Israel and its crimes without limit, releasing the Israeli-American spy Jonathan Bollard,
    They swore to be out of the USA whenever a catastrophe befell our country, just as what they did during the Katharina catastrophe. They swore to make us poor until the end … These are our American soldiers.

    • Ron

      I look at this site’s posts based on the journalistic integrity which goes into it. And enjoy the balance of photo’s and script which it has.

      Please save your hate rants for other forums where it can be examined in some detail. You have by deliberately twisting discussion off onto some other tangent exposed yourself as a troll. My policy is to “Do not feed the trolls”. By doing so here you have demonstrated your lack of regard for the subject matter at hand.

      I am in the military and we follow our orders with the thought of how they were intended and follow a theme to execute them. We are expected to go into situations outnumbered several times over and pull some order out of the general messes which are thrust upon our commanders and us when No one else can, or will. I have seen a 19 year old private show more intelligence and courage than you show in your written rantings here.
      The cronies who populate upper echelons of government seldom ask the troops what is thought at our level.

      And the only drugs we saw was a beer during the Super Bowl, as we are not allowed to drink during deployments.

  • Chelli

    Yo yo,

    I would like to ask my fellow Americans,
    What are you willing to do about the as-we-all-know
    murderous army and government of the United States

    As those say here: the government is involved in drugs, massacres, profiteering, spending ammunition in others’ countries, etc, etc as well as training their “little brother” Israel, about how to carry on the plague of genocide, among many other crimes.

    We are not Proud of of country or our government. Being “an American”, when I see people saluting uniformed men with guns, I want to vomit and boo. I honestly can’t imagine being Pround of this government. I know too much, and I don’t like gristle and blood-soaked money. I would like to see this system and goverment fall in the imaginations of the People around the world, who begin to see beyond sell-outs and accumulations. I feel I will see it in my lifetime. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So to “the American People,”
    Let’s start moving and do something about it.
    Speak the Truth from the inside,
    where money can’t reach or borrow your soul for a minute
    where fear can’t dominate your spine
    where borders dont obstruct your vision
    Where Sparks entwined w the in-kind divine reminds you to
    be True to reality, be True to the Times, be True to the Ones who came before us, and those who come after
    and ourselves

    All Peoples Uniting Would Be a Profound Shift of Consciousness! Forget the uniforms, money, guns, wars, and televisions..

  • Christine Grow

    As an Austrian expat living in the US, I am thoroughly enjoying these pictures. A ceremony for 150 Austrian Soldiers, how powerful. I’ve always felt a lot of pride in my country and my people. The pride we feel about who we are is obvious in these photos.
    Thank you.

  • Hallo Frau Salam,

    Please don’t edit this, I am feeling multi lingual – am in a good mood – rare.


    subject commentator – hp

    reply – It is always the fifth column – that is the curse of the Risorgimento. See below.


    subject commentator – Kenguru

    reply – It goes back to the London Bankers support of both the Zionists and the Nazis – who in reality were first cousins. Spasibo tovarisch, but remember that before that, Moscow, New York and Tel Aviv were the original Triad of Risorgimento to cut Europe and Asia and the Americas to pieces in order to conquer Palestine for the Zionists as the nadir of the New World Order – Russia and Asia fell to the same knife of the Triad. Africa was always treated as an orphan child to be abused.

    Ji ngale, rafiki. Let us “take care.”


    subject commentator – Rimond Lighter

    reply – drug dealing corruption in the US Military began ON PURPOSE by Marrano Lyndon Baines Johnson (puppet of both IsraHell and the Vaticanistas) after he helped assassinate John F. Kennedy. Johnson also did his vile best to betray the USS Liberty and the US as a whole.

    Muchisimas gracias.


    subject commentator – Terry

    reply – AGREED. Danke, mein freund.


    subject commentator – Vlad the Impaler

    reply – give it a break, you are obviously a ZioNazi troll. Vlad is not a heroic representation of Slavic resistance to the Ottomans (The Slovaks are the ones who stopped the Ottomans cold in Northeastern Europe 5 centuries ago in heroic honorable battle.) Using Vlad is just to provoke Christians and Europeans against peoples of the Middle East (remembering that Arabs aren’t Turks anyway it is even more stupid a comment – the Arab Palestinians were historically a shining light of peaceful and hard working productive people under Turkish Ottoman rule and even in their adaption of Turkish dress and culture, but who did not partake of the Ottoman wrongdoing against Christians) – nor is Vlad any possible hero to the vile Nazis as they hate all Eastern non-“white”. Your comment is obviously and patently a racist diatribe to provoke meaningless confusion to cover any Zionist or other wrongdoing.

    The idea that you could be any possible Real Politik commentator is a joke.



    subject commentators – Thomas and Ron

    reply – Those misdeeds are real but not concocted by the enlisted man. Look to the Intelligence agencies in the government which usurped the rightful place of Army Intelligence and even more importantly Naval Intelligence (Constitutionally the primary and eldest of American Military Intelligence.) and gave place to operations and agente provocateurs considered “above the law.” Those work for the controlling powers above them who work in the shadows with NO loyalty to the USA.


    subject commentator – Chelli

    reply – you said, “where money can’t reach or borrow your soul for a minute”

    That money is the means of the Risorgimento, see below. Ciao, amica.


    subject commentator – Christine Grow

    reply – Pan Europa is the tantamount outcome of the Risorgimento of Europe beginning in its current phase 300 years ago with roots back before that, even far back before that. The final outcome of the Risorgimento – i.e. the reorganization of Europe and its Monarchies and governing bodies and laws and borders etc., is the model for that same thing world wide, the New World Order. The New World Order ON PURPOSE is slated to be the worst of the Black Mariah and the CHEKA combined with the GESTAPO and STASI all intertwined with the Octopus of the internecine intelligence agencies operated by lawless anarchic elements of the Pan Europa Black Nobility by their two arms, that is of the Freemasons – the Grand Orient/Priory de Sion of Juden Freemasonry and the Scottish Rite of Gentile Freemasonry.

    Au revoir, Madame.


    Risorgimento = lawless departure from Godly rule.

    New World Order = short lived kingdom of ad-Dajjal, the Antichrist.


    Salaam al Maseeh,

    ma’ as-salaamah,

    Etienne (Steve)

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