On Workers' Day We Ring The Bell In The EU

 في اليوم العالمي للعمال نقرع الجرس – نظرة على مكاتب العمل ومراكز الشؤون الاجتماعية هي شهادة كافية للمشاكل المتزايدة جراء البطالة في النمسا وأوروبا ، والأهم من ذلك، النتائج السلبية لهذه المشكلة التي أدت إلى تفكك المجتمع. فقد تحولت الشوارع والحدائق العامة إلى أماكن تجمع العاطلين عن العمل والمتسولين و”المهاجرين”. ولم يعد بمقدور الأوروبيين الأصليين، ولا سيما النساء، المسير أو ببساطة الجلوس في الحدائق والتمتع بالهدوء. حتى المشي في شوارع فيينا أصبح بالنسبة للمرأة بمثابة دعوة للمضايقات، ولم تكن هذه المدينة على هذا الحال منذ عشر سنوات – البقية فيما أدناه

 On Workers’ Day we ring the bell in the EU, before it is too late.

DSC_7934-aEditorial -May 1st 2014 – A look at the labor offices and social affairs centers is enough testimony to the growing problems of unemployment in Austria and Europe, and more importantly, to the disintegration of society. Streets and public parks have all but been turned into venues for unemployed, vagrants, “migrants”, to socialize. Native Europeans, especially women, can no longer walk or simply sit in the parks and enjoy the quite. Even walking in the streets of Vienna as a woman is an invitation to harassment, and this city was not that way ten years ago. The negative influences on Austrian society by unbridled immigration of unskilled labor, criminals and skimmers of the social system, massive and growing unemployment due to bad policies of politicians increasingly perceived as incompetent, can be seen and felt everywhere.

It is not only the sexual harassment, it is the pervasive filth in a once clean city, it is the encroaching intolerance of do-gooders who only favor the least worthy and capable by expropriating resources from the remaining productive segments of society, it is the growing and spreading discontent of the native Europeans who see their once prosperous countries converted into dumping grounds for the riff-raff of the world, it is the unrelenting rise in unemployment and worsening economic conditions caused by politicians whose perceived incompetence borders on the criminal. All this and more is best portrayed by the massive influx of Africans and people from areas of conflict such as the countries of the so-called Arab Spring: contrary to the statements of the politicians, who force these people into the EU, this group of immigrants brings no skills, are unproductive, are unwilling to integrate into society in any discernible way and are deeply hateful of everything European or Christian, as exemplified by a recent rash of destruction of historical churches in Vienna and several Austrian provinces – among the muslims who enter Europa, I am ashamed to say, are mostly ignorant and bigoted religious extremists and among the black arrivals can be found a great number of mercenaries who took part in the “Arab Spring” and members of criminal gangs.

Austrian nationals see these conditions as far beyond tolerable and many find it unbearable to witness what Austria has become. Austrians do no longer feel in comfort or safety in their homeland and look increasingly askance at the policy of open borders forced upon them by the European Union and local politicians who are described as traitors by the people, a policy that has milked them economically and given them nothing but problems in return.

Although the official reports claim that the economic situation in Austria is “stable” and “in much better shape than other countries of the European Union”, the facts on the ground disagree with these lies. The politicians, for example, are covering up that the work offices transfer tens of thousands of unemployed people into useless “courses” managed by companies (or rather, blood suckers) which are organized in cartels acting across the EU and are owned in several instances by israelis, facts which are hidden from view by complicated legal constructions. The implementation of these “courses” costs the EU (ultimately the taxpayers) billions of Euros, as can be seen in the contract and subvention lists published by the EU itself. In these “courses”, the unemployed are often treated like criminals, are forced to sit through sessions of brainwashing, are forced to apply to menial jobs which have nothing to do with their previous career or abilities, or are offered sessions in subjects like “tolerance” or “feminism” in lieu of laboral capacitation. This appears to be what the current minister of social affairs once called “necessary de-capacitation”.

Some “neat” side effects of this disgraceful business is that the unemployment statistics look better, and, that the bulk of the contracts are awarded to companies of said profile, to the detriment of legitimate businesses which are not organized in the mentioned trans-European cartels.

On Workers’ Day we ring the bell in the EU before it is too late. Go to the main page.

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