The US is Always Looking To Foment Wars

American soldiersThe United States government is always looking to foment wars. We can see this in the way the State was formed, how treaties were crumpled so that new aggressions could be launched. We can see this in the endless wars of this government, as well as in the “War on” the prevalent illegal disease called Drug Addiction: brought to you by the United States government who has been continually implicated in the lucrative Drug Trade – though, they don’t report on such things.

The United States government is always looking to foment wars. The Entertainment System of this country floods our eyes with wars, with violence, with murder, with destruction. (..Ever heard the saying “Monkey See, Monkey Do”?) The News System of this country reports on violence like, all things being equal, it would prefer to gorge on blood.

The United States government is always looking to foment wars. Wars with Muslims, wars with Iraqis, Vietnamese, Pakistanis, Chileans, Venezuelans, Cubans, Russians, Somalis, the Black Panther Party, Communists, Socialists, the list goes on and on.

The United States government is always looking to foment wars. Why won’t anyone here say it? Why, in this country are we so willing to gloss over the layers of criminality we are surrounded with? Why does anyone have any trust in this government at all? Why do the “free-est” people in the world speak the LEAST truth?

The United States government discusses proposals about militarizing the border with Mexico even more, adding tens of billions of dollars. They are looking to move in the guns and the jeeps, to pay for bullets, to erect walls and spy towers. They are looking to draw a line of guns across a border they made up, a border that in actual reality doesn’t even exist: just ask an Indigenous Person whose historical memory stretches back more than 150 years! Who knows how the Land stretches, how it was not so long ago, knows how deeply peace can live in the Desert here.

But yes, the United States government is always looking to build upon its destruction, to create destruction upon destruction, and simultaneously flood us with messages that it’s about Freedom, Democracy, Justice, and Security.

The people of the United States are some of the least politically sophisticated people in the world, living under one of the most politically sophisticated governments: this is not a coincidence. The United States government is well-known for its brutality (though you’ll rarely hear it talked about) and it appears to be an addiction: it enacts this brutality far and wide, on many levels. Many people in the United States live in a constant state of anxiety and fear, and they put their trust in a warmonger, and they make agreements like: it’s preferable to be entertained than to create healthy societies.

Sometimes in this country I just feel like screaming: Look at yourselves! Do you call that Life? What is the trade that makes this hell worth it? I want to scream: Don’t you care about anybody, anything?

I see that people care but the impotence with which people in the United States live their lives begs to be analyzed. I hope people from throughout the world will speak up on the United States government and society. Because it’s a sickness, and it needs to stop spreading.

Conscious people in the United States need to start living with our hearts instead of our heads, and – get outside the colonial mentality! It doesn’t all just boil down into dollars and cents. The alternatives to the hell of the United States are plentiful, probably endless. We don’t need to support this tyrant people call a democracy, hand on their hearts, and the rockets’ red glare. We do not need to support this government.

We need to create lots of alternatives that live the kind of lives that people should live and understand that we are ALL connected.

We need to make healing a priority and find new ways of “leadership” that doesn’t disempower and alienate so many of us.

We need to deal with the brutal colonial history of this country and support Indigenous rights, vision, and struggles: this is an absolute necessity to dealing with truth. Break with the system, go with the people all over the world who want to be free. Author of the article: Chelli Stanley


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  • Eileen K.

    Chelli Stanley has a very valid point here. America’s history is steeped in warfare and bloodshed from its inception. The US gov’t has broken every treaty it signed with the indigenous tribes that lived (and still do) on the lands from the Atlantic to the Pacific, citing “Manifest Destiny”. This same “Manifest Destiny” also was behind the 1898 Spanish-American War; but here, it was covered up with the pretext of the sinking of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor. With the war cry, “Remember the Maine!”, America launched its war of choice. It wasn’t until decades later that the USS Maine’s demise was the result of an accidental boiler room explosion and not a Spanish mine. There was no need for war with Spain, as Spain posed no threat. Neither did Germany and its allies pose any threat during WWI. The US didn’t gain any more territory at that war’s end; but after WWII, US forces occupied both Japan and Germany (they’re still there today). Of the significant wars since then, the only “victory” America achieved was the First Gulf War against Iraq; but, even so, they didn’t invade Iraq itself, for fear of alienating its Arab partners in the coalition against that country. The other wars brought no victory, only instability and chaos.

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