The Secret Behind King Abdullah's Visit to Vienna

DSC_7495_edited-1His Majesty King Abdullah II Jordan arrived last 8 April 2014 to Vienna. A week after Mr. Shimon Peres three-days visit to Austria. His Majesty was accompanied by Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad, his representative and personal envoy and chief advisor for religious and cultural affairs, Dr. Fayez Tarawneh, the head of the Royal court in Jordan, Mr. Nasser Judeh, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Mr. Imad Fakhoury, the Director of the King’s Office.

At quarter past 12, President Dr. Heinz Fischer received his guest King Abdullah at the Hofburg yard. After the national anthem, a ceremony was held in which President Fischer and His Majesty reviewed the Austrian guard of honour together.

The Austrian presidential office did not release information about the king’s visit and the nature of the talks held with him. A short press release was issued by the Austrian presidential office, only mentioning that both President Fischer and King Abdullah II had held a work session. No press conference was held following the meeting at the presidential palace either.

DSC_7419_edited-1Political sources made connections between the current visit of the Jordanian visit to Austria and the visit of israeli “President” Shimon Peres last week. The sources believe that the israeli president informed the President Fischer about new israeli perspectives concerning the so-called “peace negotiations” with the PA as well as the final status of the holy Islamic sites in occupied East Jerusalem, which are until now under the authority of the the Ministry of Islamic holy sites in Jordan.

The political sources predicted that President Fischer would talk King Abdullah II about the situation in Syria and the danger of the presence of Islamic terrorist groups at borders which threaten israel and Jordan as well as the whole region.

It is worth mentioning that a political crisis erupted recently between Jordan and israel in the wake of the cowardly murder of a Jordanian judge in the magistrate’s court in Amman, Mr. Raed Zeiter, 38, who was murdered in cold blood by israeli soldiers at the Allenby Bridge.

The Allenby Bridge is the main point of exit for Palestinians who live in the West Bank, and it is jointly controlled by israel and Jordan. It was closed for several hours after the shooting.

The crime sparked a wave of protests in Amman, the capital of Jordan. The Jordanian Parliament demanded the expulsion of ambassador to the jewish zionist state from Jordan. King Abdullah II visited the family of the murdered judge at their home and expressed his deep sorrow and shared his condolences with the father of the victim.

Austria plays the role of objective and impartial moderator for peace between the conflicted parties and countries in the Middle East and Europe.

Late in the night after King Abdullah II finished his visit to Austria, a new press release was issued by the Austrian presidential office, in which it was mentioned that the two heads of state had discussed the issue of the conflict in Syria, the refugee camps, the cultural exchange between the two countries and also the issue of Ukrania. The statement noted that President Fischer discussed the details of the visit of Mr. Peres with King Abdullah II.

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  • Steve

    Hallo Frau Salam,

    While Abdullah is making surreptitious deals on behalf of IsraHell and Simon Persky, one the very many Eurasian invaders of your country of Palestine, the laughable JINSA-PNAC-C.entral I.diots A.ssociation of Judenratz B’nai B’rith agents funded “Islamic terrorist groups” is their idea of a murderous “joke” on every body.

    IraHell won’t stop until it destroys the earth. The beginning of Zionism is the Palestinian Rabbinic Academies of the first century A.D. The perpetrators of these so called “academies” were the direct descendants of the Pharisees that persecuted and murdered St. John the Baptist and Our Lord Jesus Christ (who, the Lord Jesus Christ then rose from the dead), these Pharisees-vipers from hell who also their descendants later persecuted the early Church and then later the nascent Ummah in the lifetime of Muhammad, these Pharisee viper-liars concocted the rehashed Babylonian myths that were the basis for Zionism-political and religious. One of their myths in the first century A.D. was that their “version” of the Messiah promised to Israel by Moses in the Tanakh, the Old Testament, part of the “Book,” in Islam, along with the Injeel – the Gospel, was that he would come and destroy all of “Israel’s” enemies and then the whole earth and finally himself and all of his followers. Then there would be peace on earth when nobody at all was left. This is a false messiah of course and the one that the modern Zionists follow to a tee. The real Messiah is Jesus Christ of the Holy Gospels and professed as such by the Noble Qu’ran as well. He never said any such thing. Seeing what IsraHell follows, the whole world should reject that and instead of giving the Holy Land to the Zionists should immediately FREE PALESTINE!!!



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