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This is called: John Kerry

photocWritten by: Chelli Stanley. an American citizen – It’s reality check time, time to spin the spin back at you. What is there to believe about the fact that you, the United States government, fund both parties at the negotiation table?  The Israelis get (cough) 17 million a day of tax$.  The funding of the Palestinian corrupt paid off “leaders” (like Abbas whose term ran out in 2009, if you’ll recall), is very reminiscent of colonial era policies, if you’ll recall..

The United States government funds both parties at the negotiating table.  And they just can’t make peace, just like this government just can’t stop all the drugs from flooding in like we drowned a long time ago, and just like this government just couldn’t find Osama Bin Laden – and threw his body into the sea immediately upon seeing him, if you’ll recall, and like this government just can’t end the War of Terror, and just like, and just like, and just like, so many things it can’t roll off your tongue fast enough in these times,
so reality check John Kerry,
stop bullshitting
The joke’s on you.
Reality check!  The United States has no legal basis for existence, it is a corrupt system based on thievery and murder.  Indigenous people of this Land did not disappear, and their histories did not vanish.  Look at that in the face.  See that the United States government has waged endless war in the presence of all the Indigenous people who are here.
Look that in the face.
Reality check! Because the bullshit gotta go