This is called: John Kerry

photocWritten by: Chelli Stanley. an American citizen – It’s reality check time, time to spin the spin back at you. What is there to believe about the fact that you, the United States government, fund both parties at the negotiation table?  The Israelis get (cough) 17 million a day of tax$.  The funding of the Palestinian corrupt paid off “leaders” (like Abbas whose term ran out in 2009, if you’ll recall), is very reminiscent of colonial era policies, if you’ll recall..

The United States government funds both parties at the negotiating table.  And they just can’t make peace, just like this government just can’t stop all the drugs from flooding in like we drowned a long time ago, and just like this government just couldn’t find Osama Bin Laden – and threw his body into the sea immediately upon seeing him, if you’ll recall, and like this government just can’t end the War of Terror, and just like, and just like, and just like, so many things it can’t roll off your tongue fast enough in these times,
so reality check John Kerry,
stop bullshitting
The joke’s on you.
Reality check!  The United States has no legal basis for existence, it is a corrupt system based on thievery and murder.  Indigenous people of this Land did not disappear, and their histories did not vanish.  Look at that in the face.  See that the United States government has waged endless war in the presence of all the Indigenous people who are here.
Look that in the face.
Reality check! Because the bullshit gotta go

3 comments to This is called: John Kerry

  • Roberta Kelly

    Hello, when you were first in the world, thrown out of the world you were in, you and I communicated about lawyers and I sent you a way to get into the B.A.R. in the U.S.A., each state.

    Best on this. I, too, am now readying to talk about the incredible lie that ‘America’ is.

    My father’s lineage was also ‘American Indian’. We’ve been decimated, our family. Mother’s cousin once removed was Karl Marx.

    The AMERICAN GOVERNMENT has done all IT can, to kill our family down real dead.

    ART IS THE STORY. There is no ART in America and the ART when here, KILLED very dead.

    WHY? Clearly with ART there is SEEING and the ENLIGHTENMENT can be.

    America made STOCKS the worship and that was what we have: FLESH FOR SHYLOCK.

    Thank you.

    Your friend, Roberta

    • Henry

      Hi Roberta,

      I’d like to hear about lawyers, about the BAR association and what good it would do become a member. I’d like to know how to get justice. If you reply, I’ll provide an email address. I’ll check back.

  • ac

    If you’re giving talks to wake people up in the hopes of achieving a critical mass so that enough people will be ‘awake’ enough that they will actually stand up to the corruption and change things, please speak to the people who don’t have a lot of time to study this stuff, who work full time and manage a family, or work too jobs, or have been thoroughly indoctrinated into the two party system, who are easily shocked thinking about this stuff for the first time, people who feel things are going badly but aren’t sure why. Keep it simple. Preaching to the choir is a waste of time, speaking to the people who still believe in the 2 party system, who still believe that America stands for Democracy, who don’t realize how much lobby dollars and outright bribes steer all of our policies… this may actually help bring about change more quickly.

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