Rashida Mahran: Cultural Advisor to President Arafat

 في أعقاب المكالمات الهاتفية التي أجرتها معنا السيدة أمل أنور سعيد, ابنة المرحومة د. رشيدة مهران من زوجها الراحل نقيب الصحفيين السابق السيد أنور سعيد, المقيمة في الإسكندرية بجمهورية مصر العربية, وما دار فيها من حديث هادىء اتسم بالوضوح والشفافية والتعبير عن الرأي, نجد لزاما علينا نشر اقوالها في حلقات جديدة, ننقل خلالها حيثيات ما روته عن والدتها المرحومة د. مهران, وذلك عملا بحرية نشر الرأي والرأي الآخر. البقية في الحلقات التالية
الحلقة الثامنةالحلقة التاسعةالحلقة العاشرةالحلقة الحادية عشرةالحلقة الثانية عشرةالحلقة الثالثة عشرةالحلقة الرابعة عشرة والأخيرة

edited-1 copy_edited-1In reaction to my past writing about the late Dr. Rashida Mahran, cultural advisor to late president Arafat, I recently received clarifying information which from Ms. Amal Anwar Saeed, her daughter, who lives in Egypt. This article is an update to my past writings about Dr. Rashida Mahran.

Ms. Saeed stated that the PA transferred two months’ pension after the death of her mother. Saeed also said that her mother had suffered many troubles in recent years and before her death due to the constant delays on part of the PA in the payment of her pension.

Ms. Saeed also denied that her mother Dr. Mahran had worked for any intelligence services, saying instead that her mother had been an academic and a professor.

According to Saeed, she finished her studies at University of Alexandria in Egypt, where she got a master’s degree and a doctorate, and later worked as a professor at the same university.

According to her, the University of Alexandria allowed her mother to work at the PA with the late President Yasser Arafat, where she she received a position as a cultural advisor to Arafat.

Ms. Saeed stated that her mother “held sacred” the late Palestinian President Arafat and that she “loved and worshiped him like a God”. According to Saeed, her mother wrote a book titled “Abu Ammar the Unbreakable, or a bu Ammar is Difficult Figure” (Arabic: أبو عمار الرقم الصعب).

pics1_edited-12She added that her mother had already worked very hard for the sake of Palestine and the Palestinians before her meeting with Arafat. Her articles in support of the Palestinian cause were published in the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas and in Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, which is published through the Middle East.

Ms. Saeed also stated that she and all her brothers loved President Arafat and they had been “like a family”. Ms. Saeed considers the late President Arafat as more than a father, and according to her, to this day she reads the Al-Fatihah prayer from the Holy Quran in memory of the late the President Arafat before going to sleep.

Ms. Saeed kindly sent me a family picture of her mother, herself, brother and sons with the late President Arafat. This historic photo is published here as it shows a rare glimpse into the private life of the President and the team who worked with him. I wish to thank Ms. Saeed and her family for their kindness and for allowing that this private information becomes published. Click here to continue reading the story.


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