EU Deplores Israel's Continuous Settlement Expansion

DSC_6272Statement by EU High Representative Catherine Ashton on the Israeli settlement announcement (21/03/2014)

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and
Vice President of the Commission, issued the following statement today:

“I am deeply disappointed by the Israeli plans to expand settlements, advancing the construction of over 2300 housing units.

Any unilateral action prejudging final status issues threatens the current peace negotiations and, as a consequence, the two-state solution.

This has been repeatedly stressed by the international community. The 28 Foreign Ministers of the Member States of the European Union unanimously warned against actions that undermine the current negotiations and deplored Israel’s continuous expansion of settlements. I urge the Israeli authorities to reconsider their plans and to reverse their decision.

The current peace talks represent a unique opportunity for both Israelis and Palestinians. A final peace agreement will bring huge benefits to both peoples. Such an historic opportunity should not be squandered.”
On the other hand, Ashton has expressed her concern at the death sentences passed against 529 Muslim Brotherhood supporters by a court in Minya in southern Egypt.
“Notwithstanding the serious nature of the crimes for which they were convicted, capital punishment can never be justified,” said Ashton in a statement issued today, reminding that the EU opposes capital punishment under all circumstances.
The High Representative reiterated the EU’s call on the Egyptian interim authorities to ensure, in line with international standards, the defendants’ rights to a fair and timely trial based on clear charges and proper and independent investigations, as well as the right of access and contact to lawyers and family members.


2 comments to EU Deplores Israel’s Continuous Settlement Expansion

  • Geezer

    Keep on building and don’t worry about what the EU has to say. Israel was around before the EU and it will be around when the EU is just a bad memory.

  • DDearborn


    When the people of Crimea exercised their internationally recognized and protected right to self determination the EU blankets Russia with sanctions and rattles sabers. For 40 years Israel has been stealing Palestinian lands. For the last 30 the Palestinian people have attempted to exercise that very same right to self determination. Vote after vote was in favor of an Independent Palestine. Israel and its proxy the US have blocked each and every attempt. Where is the EU on this? Behind Israel all the way.

    The EU is a fraud. The “EU” does not now nor has it ever represented the people of Europe. It has never been more clear than on the subject of Israel’s war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide perpetrated against the Palestinian people.

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