Substantive Talks With Iran In Vienna


Catherine Ashton, EU foreign policy chief told reporters while speaking in a joint statement with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif during a press conference held today afternoon at the Vienna International Center that the nuclear talks between Iran and the six world power countries were “substantive and useful”, and that the parties will meet again on April 7-9 2014.
DSC_6290She said: “We had substantive and useful discussions covering a set of issues including uranium enrichment, the Arak reactor, civil nuclear cooperation and sanctions”.

Ashton added: “the next round would also take place in the Austrian capital.”

Zarif and Ashton said that the meeting had only focused on the reactor, Iran’s uranium enrichment program and the full lifting of the sanctions that have successively been imposed on Iran over the past decade as Tehran had expanded its atomic activities. Neither Zarif nor the EU foreign policy chief gave details of what, if any, progress was made over two days of negotiations in Vienna.
The new gathering in Vienna was the second in a series aiming to transform by July a November interim deal into a lasting accord that resolves for good the decade-old standoff and silences talk of war. The world powers want the nearly finished reactor at Arak, southwest of Tehran, to be destroyed or converted to a type that produces less plutonium, a material that could be used to make nuclear weapons.
Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif said that Tehran is ready to eliminate fears that a reactor it is building could be used to make atomic arms, as his country and six world powers adjourned their nuclear talks Wednesday.

Minister Zarif suggested Tehran understood six-power concerns about the reactor, according to the semi-official Fars news agency. Zarif implied that Iran was open to re-engineering the heavy-water facility to reduce its plutonium output, possibly by turning it into a light-water reactor.

While Iran insists on completing and running its nuclear reactor, “any proliferation concerns” linked to it “have to be removed,” he was quoted as saying.


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