Is The USA Flooding Iran With Narcotics? Video

DSC_6108On the sidelines of the 57th Session UN Convention on Narcotic Drugs at the UNOV, H.E. Mr. Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli, Minister of Interior and Head of the Drug Control Headquarters of Iran, held a press conference at the Iranian Mission in Jaurèsgasse in the third district of Vienna.

From the beginning of the event it became obvious that the chosen people who own and control of the media have succeeded in preventing journalists from attending the interesting press conference of the minister as a further measure to marginalize Iran but also to avoid the USA the embarrassment that the uncomfortable truths that the minister revealed about the supposedly “anti-drug” stance of the USA, facts which are missing from the yearly spectacle organized by the UN and aimed at the reduction of the spread of narcotic drugs.

opiumThe representatives of the member states of the UNODC who attend these yearly meetings as well as the national authorities who send them know very well who is involved in the narcotics trade, worldwide. The members of the UNODC know at national level and also at level of the institution UNODC who sets the crops from which the base components of narcotics are extracted, who harvests them, who processes them, who sells other precursor chemicals needed to process and refine the raw substances into market-ready drugs, and who markets them.

At each step of the industrial chain between the peasant in Afghanistan and the consumer in Europe or the USA, the people in the narcotics trade are known. Those who protect them are known as well as the people who help derail legal prosecution at all levels are also known. What is seldom or never said in the  “polite” company typically found at UN meetings and among diplomats, certainly not system media, is that narcotics traffic is aided and abetted by the US and British military and spy organizations and by israel, the proceeds of narcotics traffic are laundered mainly through israel-connected banks located in London and New York.

That the US military in Afghanistan is protecting narcotics crops rather than eradicating them has been documented by Americans and the UNODC itself, see here.  and here and here

I asked the minister about the Americans, their relationship to drug trafficking and how this influenced Iran. My question was: How has the presence of the Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan influenced the drugs problem in your country, and how cooperative are they in helping to solve this problem?

Minister Fazli answered ”Prior to their presence, the production of drugs was less than 200 tons per year, right now (March 2014) the production is over 5000 tons per year, and they have never cooperated, in seizures or other measures to combat the drugs”.

On last March 10, Mr. Yury Fedotov, executive director of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) told reporters before the start of the current meeting in Vienna on global efforts to combat narcotics drugs, that Iran takes a very active role to fight against illicit drugs.

He stated: “In 2012, Iran seized 388 tonnes of opium, the equivalent of 72 percent of all such seizures around the world.” And described Iran’s effort as “very impressive.” But Mr. Fedotov immediately started criticizing the Iranians: “But on the other side, while Iran takes a very active role to fight against illicit drugs, the Vienna-based agency opposes the death penalty and I will raise the issue again with Iranian officials later this week.“ meaning the executions in the Iran of about 40 people convicted of crimes related to drug trafficking.

I also asked Minister Fazli about the allegations about executions in the Iran to the people convicted of drugs-related crimes by certain “human rights” organizations which Mr. Fedotov mentioned.

In his answer, Minister Fazli made it clear that each country has its own juridical system and laws and that the conditions under which each country operates are different. The minister also made it clear that these were not the figurative chicken thieves caught red-handed, but that these drug traffickers were armed, had access to lawyers and were involved in other crimes besides drugs trafficking. Mentioned were rape, murder, money laundering, armed confrontations with law enforcement and support for terrorist activities.

The minister stated that in total over 3700 law enforcement personnel had lost their lives combating narcotics contraband, 15 during the last few months. When adding the big quantities of drugs the country has confiscated to the equation, the harsh way how Iran deals with drugs traffickers becomes understandable and Mr. Fedotov relaying criticism from “human rights” groups gets a strange tinge. And there is another dimension of smuggling the amounts of narcotics mentioned through Iran, which nobody has mentioned: the israeli military systematically flooded Palestine with all kinds of narcotic drugs in order to destroy generation after generation of young people. They’d give narcotics very cheap to Palestinian dealers and protect them from harm and in this way succeeded in depopulating parts of many towns, as the Palestinians who lived in these parts would move away due to the troubles and crime caused by the dealers and addicts.

Taking in account the demonstrated ill will of the Americans, who according to Minister Fazli have never cooperated in interdiction of narcotics contraband, as well as the documented destruction of communities in the USA itself on part of the US government by flooding them with cheap drugs, it would not be far fetched to suspect the Americans of organizing the massive smuggling of drugs into and through Iran as a way of systematically destroying the country without actually invading it. This should certainly be addressed at future meetings of the UNODC and also by the “human rights” organizations who find it outrageous that violent narcotics smugglers are executed but at the same time seem to never find fault in the crimes against humanity and other atrocities perpetrated by zion and its friends.

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  • Marilyn

    How can we help to resolve this issue, that it is common knowledge of some government’s responsibility of world-wide drug problems but not acknowledged to the world-community as such. We need to expose the exploiters so that the United Nations will to focus on this issue as human rights violations. My opinion on capital punishment is against. Each country has their own laws and policies. The crimes against humanity are prevalent issues that we need to put our thoughts together on.
    The exploitation of countries, their resources, their governments being underminded as well as the people caught in between that are killed or dying, mass movements, etc. It can only be controlled if we speak out to our representatives, each other and the world community.

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