UN: Plan of Action on Illicit Drugs

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A high-level review of the 57th Session of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs began in Vienna today March 13 2014. Over 1,500 representatives of member states and civil society organisations gathered at the political kitchen which is the UN, to plan a concerted action on the world drugs problem. Among the attendants is Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden, UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson, the Executive Director of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Yury Fedotov, and many others.

Tomorrow, March 14, the cooked meal of world politics will be served to the attendants of the member states at the UNOV, ready and tasty. An outcome document will be issued by the gathering as a political declaration and plan of action on the world’s drugs problem. Hopefully, this two-day gathering of representatives of member states in Vienna will bear positive fruits that the Member States of the UN will be able to release during their next gathering, the 58th Session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, that will take place about this date in 2015, and hopefully, the attendants will find some new way to decrease the Narcotic Drugs problem of the world.

DSC_5888 copyHis Excellency Khaled Shamaa, Ambassador of Egypt before Austria and Permanent Representative before the international organizations in Vienna, was the President and chairperson of this year’s session. He opened the meeting by thanking the Member States of the UNODC for their trust and for choosing him to head the session. He welcomed Her Majesty the Queen in Sweden, the UN deputy Secretary-General, and he thanked the (UNODC) director and the attendants.

Queen Silvia was the first speaker at the opening of this year’s UNODC meeting. Her speech was followed by both speeches delivered by UN Deputy Secretary-General, Mr. Eliasson, and (UNODC) director Fedotov. The Queen stated that since the last time she had participated in this key event in 2009, a lot had changed – unfortunately not everything to the better.

UN Deputy Secretary-General Eliasson said in his speech : “The three Conventions are the legal basis for our work. But let us remember that Member States also can take action on the basis of these Conventions to promote public health, prevention, treatment and economic and social progress.”

He added: “Our efforts to prevent and resolve conflicts must aim at increasing the protection of fundamental human rights through strong rule of law institutions.” He said: “Where gross violations of human rights are being committed, States must fulfil their responsibility to protect people’s rights.”

DSC_6076 copyThe executive director of (UNODC) Fedotov said: “I t was his hope that the debate would help Member States “find common ground and come up with a powerful message that will enable us to strengthen our cooperation, to address the world drug problem in a balanced, humane and effective way, based on the international conventions.”

Mr. Fedotov acknowledged: “There was no simple answer” to the question of whether the international community had succeeded or failed in the implementation of the Political Declaration and Plan of Action agreed in 2009. He also noted that the global cocaine market had shrunk between 2007 and 2011, and there were successes in treatment delivery, as well as alternative development practices.”

“We face an alarming increase in new psychoactive substances, and cyber technologies are being more broadly used in drug trafficking and related money-laundering activities.” He added: “We are strongly concerned about the vulnerability of some regions, notably West Africa and East Africa, to illicit drug trafficking, and as a spillover effect, increased drug use, as well as to other serious crimes.”

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7 comments to UN: Plan of Action on Illicit Drugs

  • mr_bellows

    Plan of Action? HA

    Does that plan include the real killer – Prescription drugs abuse; promoted by ‘big pharma’ and their self glorified drug dealing doctors? No.

    Does their ‘plan’ included putting a stop to the record number of opium shipments coming out of Afghanistan, via CIA and MI5 pipelines courtesy of the US military. Nope.

    More BS from the BS factory

  • Gertjan Zwiggelaar

    Thank you for this article and accompanying photographs, Kawther Salam.

    Looking at the faces of the ‘august’ persons who think they know what is best for the rest of us, attending the UN conference regarding ‘illicit’ drugs, I think it is fair to say that many of those people, who think they are so important, imbibe alcohol and likely a goodly number of those creatures smoke tobacco, both drugs are well known to kill millions of people. All of those people at the conference are HYPOCRITES! How dare they talk about human rights and then want to pull the rights of people to chose their own form of medication; perhaps other than use those killer drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Those United Nationals believe they know about the rule of law; that is their law; Admiralty Law, now codified as the UCC, the law for the world. All of those people support an international banking cartel and the pharmaceutical industries they own. Those United Nationals totally dismiss the fact that the ‘legal’ drugs kill hundreds of thousands of people per year, world wide, whereas the so called, ‘illicit’ drugs do not kill anywhere near those numbers of people. The entire conference is another huge fiasco and a giant lie perpetrated by traitors to the human race; those United Nationals; those disgusting hypocrites in expensive suits and fancy ties. All of them should be rounded up and adjudicated by a global peoples’ court for being such a pack of lying, incompetent, morons striving to enslave humanity and treat them all as children, incapable of making their own life choices.

    The global war on drugs is an agenda perpetrated by Satanists who own shares in pharmaceutical companies, banks, and assorted other fabrications fomented in the minds of ‘they’ who seek to own the world. We know who, ‘They’ are and more and more are learning who ‘They’ are. Thank God for the internet and the world wide web. Thank you Kawther Salam for helping further the awakening with your articles and photographs.

  • Defiant

    Who cares about the UN? We’d better get moving and kick them out of the USA. Once the collapse happens…and confiscation starts…we don’t want them to have the advantage using their security forces that are ALREADY here…

  • Jeffrey

    Mr. Bellows,

    Precisely! Well stated. Then there is the apparent CIA protection of the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel distributing heroine in the U.S. and the Israelis with their corner on the ecstasy market.

  • nuisancefactor

    These ppl get paid well for being redundant, irrelevant, redundant ;), and hypocritical parasites. Where can I sign up for free trips to bs conferences & get paid? Bet their expenses are paid if they get receipts from the local drug dealers.

  • O. B. Server

    We’ve tried a century of false consensus building over the fake issue of “drug abuse”. Prohibition is for police state wannabes, totalitarians, and those who lust for beheadings. We’ll take our freedom back, instead. Queen Sylvia may control her own drug intake, but she can’t control mine. May your morality police lop off each others’ heads.

  • David McElroy

    The one chapel in the UN headquarters in NYC is dedicated to Lucifer. These socialist beasts love to speak of the rights of the people, yet us average working class folks have no say in any matters at all. These sociopaths in power love to say they promote democracy, yet the UN is opposed to the people of Crimea having an election to determine the question of secession from the Ukraine, where US and other western forces instigated a NAZI coup in Kiev. Get the UN out of the US, and Get the US out of the UN!

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