Swedish Queen: Zero Tolerance Policy for Drugs

DSC_5810Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden asked in her speech during the opening of the 57th Session on the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs that the anti-drug policies should be based on zero tolerance with a focus on prevention, treatment, control and aiming to reduce consumption of illegal drugs.

She said: “According to my mind a drug policy should be based on zero tolerance focusing on prevention, treatment, control, and aiming to reduce both supply and demand of and for illegal drugs. And I am convinced that the UN Drug Conventions are the best tools and means available to achieve these aims. Therefore we must support and defend the UN Drug Conventions.”

She talked about the dramatic situation around the world where narcotic drugs and drug abuse is part of their daily life. She said: “When I travel around the world and meet children and young people living in societies where narcotic drugs and drug abuse is part of their daily life my heart bursts. A society where production, trafficking and consumption of narcotic drugs are an integral part of the life of its citizen creates a society where poverty, corruption and misery are present. Children and young people suffer the most in such a society- they lose hope and belief in the society.”

DSC_6068She added: “For almost 20 years ago I founded Mentor Foundation – an international non-governmental organisation focused on the prevention of drug misuse with the mission to help vulnerable children- and through this work I have met many children growing up in societies affected by drug abuse and have seen the harm it causes. Mentor has actively sought to support the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime since decades ago.”

Her Majesty said that many children around the globe are affected by drug misuse. This could be either by using drugs themselves at a very early age or growing up in a family where drug abuse is part of their lives. This is something we have to take most seriously and try our hardest to change. We cannot let narcotic drugs and drug abuse be an accepted part of persons day to day life.

She clarified that the Article 33 of the Convention on the rights of the Child states parties shall take all appropriate measures, including legislative, administrative, social and educational measures, to protect children from the illicit use of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances as defined in the relevant international treaties and to prevent the use of children in the illicit production and trafficking of such substances. We must work together to try to fulfill this obligation!

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7 comments to Swedish Queen: Zero Tolerance Policy for Drugs

  • mr_bellows

    Why these elitist sociopaths still think the common people of this planet give any credence or credit to anything they say or do, is just beyond me.

    And so now this so called ‘queen’ who is heavily invested in ‘Big Pharma” wants to continue to dictate to The People what she/they think is ‘right’ for peoples health? The truth is Prescription drugs killed more people in the US last year than guns, or automobiles. But you won’t here this royal quim say anything about THAT, will we? Why, because it affects her bottom dollar. period. And we the People of this planet are just supposed to listen to her BS? is that it? I don’t think that is going to happen. Maybe she should be addressing the CIA or MI5 about the record breaking opium shipments coming out of Afghanistan since they went there. NOT.

    Between the royal pedophiles and sex addicts in London and the Netherlands, to the angry religious zealots and women hating Kings and Princes of the M.E., the world and its people are done with these inbred blue blooded freaks. The ‘criminal banking royalty’ of Europe have totally ripped off the common man with their ponzi scams and their off shore banking lawyers, while the ‘regal Vatican jesters’ dance around in roman brothels all night, on donated dollars ear-marked for the poor…no no – i think the common people are quit done with the “Royalty Scam”.

    Best all these royal types should just shut their pie holes, dig a deep hole in the ground and go hide in it, because they may very well find themselves getting the B Mousillini treatment if they don’t just sit down and shut up now.

    Just saying that people are done with these old paradigms coming out of the dark ages to reassert itself. Do i give a shite what this greedy, ignorant and ill-informed ‘queen’ thinks about drugs…no.

  • Scott Shepard


    Great pics. The queen is at least consistent, pertaining to Sweden. Anti drug policies are not just a sop to make the adults feel better, as they persist in bad behavior. Not in Sweden. Swedish adults set the standards that they expect for the young people. They don’t drink, they don’t take drugs. I don’t know that Sweden is the most cheerful place in the world, but they are temperate people and have always been.

    Scott Shepard

  • hp

    There has never been a ‘war on drugs.’
    There has always been a drug war on the competition.

  • Thats Right

    It is NOT up to you whether or not people use drugs. It is up to the free will of every human being. Keep your long nose out of it.

  • Rob

    This so-called Queen has all the money in the world to pursue her recreational interests. Her entire life is a vacation, yet she wants to prevent the average person from being able to enjoy a little weed now and then to relieve some of the stress of their everyday lives.

  • O. B. Server

    Jail? Prison? Arrests?

    What – too polite to mention such gauche facts as prison for pot?

    No thanks: the Queen can place her prison-for-pot police state and policy where the midnight sun riseth not.

  • Hallo Frau Salam,

    Drugs are evil. That is all there is to it. There is no such thing as a victimless crime. The Transnational Drug Cartel via the orders of Meyer Lansky, Nahum Goldmann and David Ben Gurion by their Unione Corse (read French Connection Corsican Mafia drug cartel) hitman assassinated the last Pan Arabist United States President, John F. Kennedy, in 1963. These are some of the reasons Kennedy was assassinated by them.

    1) President Kennedy had the plans drawn up by the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff (supreme U.S. military governing staff of the combined U.S. military forces) to invade and dismantle “Israel” if they ever tried anything like what they did do 4 years after Kennedy’s assassination when IsraHell invaded Syria and attacked Egypt and Jordan and Iraq in 1967. Prime mover in that was Dajjal look alike Moshe Dayan. At the same time IsraHell attacked and tried to sink the USS Liberty in international waters. IsraHell’s plan was to blame it on Egypt and give marrano Lyndon Baines Johnson (who was part of the assassination of Kennedy with his co-religionists Meyer Lansky, Nahum Goldmann and David Ben Gurion) the excuse to annihilate Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Jordan with nuclear weapons. It didn’t happen and Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Jordan survived for one reason only, the bravery of the Captain and crew of the USS Liberty who kept their ship afloat and therefore were witnesses of who really attacked them, the armed forces of IsraHell.

    2) When Kennedy was assassinated, Lyndon B. Johnson who was vice president and one of plotters of the assassination of Kennedy, became President – “President” (actually Kahal criminal guilty of High Treason, assassination-murder) Johnson opened the flood gates in South East Asia for the drug lords there to be operated by the CIA in exporting Heroin and death and revolution against lawful governments throughout the world. Castro’s drug dealing began and skyrocketed from that time. Canadian-Russian Kahal gangsters were heavily involved in that and the Mossad was eventually the benefactor in its crimes in South America, Mexico and elsewhere.

    3) Kennedy was going to abolish the Federal Reserve, the prime controller of switching funds around to manipulate Congress into supporting IsraHell and its Transnational Crimes including snuff porn of children and drugs.

    4) All Transnational gunrunning and terrorism and revolution against lawful governments have their roots in the drug trade, including the original plans for 911 as generated by the Kremlin decades before the Twin Towers were brought down with Thermite. Kennedy would have prevented all of that. That is why George Bush Sr. was present in Dallas on that morning on Nov. 22, 1963 as part of the plan (the part that involved the CIA especially) and plot to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. The Bush crime cartel would have been destroyed otherwise. The same cartel that assisted in 911 and invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. Those Anglo-American invasions were to keep the Anglo-American drug trade going which supports and funds the criminal unlawful wars for IsraHell.

    5) BCCI and Oliver North and the Iran Contra guns and murder and the Vatican banking with Marcinkus and P2 etc. which kept all the Banks that corrupt lawful governments in the Middle East in business – all of which is related to drug dealing, would have been prevented if Kennedy had lived. Those banks are crucial to keeping IsraHell afloat in its crimes.

    Those are only some of the drug related reasons that 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated.

    Drugs are evil – just like the Saline drug that burns unborn babies to death, same murder as by all forms of abortion.

    I don’t know Queen Silvia’s reasons for her stance, but the United Nations is one of the foremost abortion providers in the world, right there with the Kahal’s Alan Guttmacher Institute.

    Drugs and murder and Talmudism (which is the base and root of IsraHell) are the worst evils in the world today.



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