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Zionist Forces Arrest Camel in Bethlehem

ما هي حكاية المرأة المسنة مع السفارة المصرية في النمسا؟؟ [1]
قوات الإحتلال تعتقل جمل ودجاجة ومالكهم في بيت لحم [2]

CamelThe israeli occupation forces in the district of Bethlehem arrested a camel yesterday under the pretext that it had entered into a “military zone”. The event took place near the Al-Rashaide village east of Bethlehem city in the occupied West Bank.

Palestinian newspapers reported that Fawaz Rshaide, head of the Palestinian village council of Al- Rashaide, told reporters that the israeli soldiers had arrested a camel belonging to Musallam Younis Rshaaidhe because the camel had supposedly entered a “military zone”.

“Military zones” are arbitrarily declared by the occupation to serve as a pretext to seize by force lands owned by Palestinians. It works like this: a “military zone” is declared over an area which the zionists want to steal, what means that the owners of these lands are not allowed to go to their land (and homes). The lands in question are then “confiscated” as a punishment if the owners enter their lands which are now a “military zone”, or they are declared “abandoned” by the occupation if the owners don’t show up for some time, and then seized and turned over to European or American squatters.

Didk05Mr. Rshaide added that the israeli soldiers stole the camel, which belonged to a Palestinian, and fled the area. The Camel was taken to the military colony “Ma’ale Adumim” near Al – Eizariya in the West Bank, near occupied Jerusalem.

He explained that the Israeli soldiers arrested the owner of the camel too in order to force him to pay a fine of 2,000 shekels to have his animal released from jail. In addition, the israeli soldiers who stole the camel, “asked” it’s owner to pay 600 shekels as “extra fees” for the transportation of the camel, which they stole and brought from the Palestinian land to the zionist colony.

Al – Eizariya is identified in the Bible as Bethany and in the New Testament it is identified as the home of the siblings Mary and Martha.

Mr. Rshaide commented on this incident of theft by the jewish occupation saying: “This as a way to displace the citizens from there agricultural land east of Bethlehem. It is ethnic cleansing”.

Under the “regulations” which the israeli military laws applies to Palestinians in the occupied territories since 1967, there are no laws which legitimize arresting animals [3], confiscating the equipments of civilians for military purposes and taking fees and high fines before giving back stolen goods to their rightful owners.

However, the military occupation through it’s so-called “Civil Administration” does exactly this since decades. There troops “arrest” the animals of Palestinian farmers [3]: sheep, herds of goats, cows, chickens and birds, they also “confiscate” their farming equipment [4]under scurrilous pretexts and refuse returned to these animals or equipment to their owners without the payment large sums of money as ransom.

These illegal ransom monies collected by the occupiers is not entered into the budget of the civil administration. No one knows where the money goes, some people assume that the criminals squander these moneys for expanding settlements and making wealth.

The “Civil Administration [5]” claims that money is paid to the so-called patrol for “surveillance and detection” of the civil administration, who one day loot the Palestinian property and next day their money.

The heads of these “monitoring units” at the “Civil Administration” is a well-known settler called David Kishik [6], son of former prostitute Shula Cohen [7] who received his post as payment because his mother once long ago sold her favours in Lebanon. Mr. Kishik and his team are a bunch of criminal garbage that has made immense wealth on the back of destitute Palestinians in the occupied territories. 

قوات الإحتلال تعتقل جمل ودجاجة ومالكهم في بيت لحم

أعتقلت يوم أمس قوة عسكرية من جيش للإحتلال الصهيوني جملا بحجة دخوله منطقة عسكرية قرب قرية الرشايدة شرق محافظة بيت لحم

وذكرت الصحف الفلسطينية أن رئيس مجلس قروي عرب الرشايدة “فواز رشايدة” صرح للصحفيين قائلا إن جنود الاحتلال اعتقلوا جملا يعود للمواطن “مسلم يونس رشايدة” بحجة دخوله في منطقة عسكرية مغلقة – أي أراضي مملوكة من قبل الفلسطينيين إستولى عليها جيش الأحتلال بالقوة وتحت التهديد في السلاح ومنعوا أصحابها من دخولها

وأضاف الرشايدة إلى أن الجنود نقلوا الجمل إلى مستعمرة “معالي أدوميم” قرب العيزرية

وفي ظل لوائح القوانين العسكرية الإسرائيلية المطبقة على الفلسطينين في الأراضي المحتلة منذ عام 1967, لا توجد قوانين تنص على إعتقال الحيوانات, ومصادرة معدات المزارعين الفلسطينيين من أراضيهم لأغراض عسكرية, وتقلها إلى معسكرات الجيش وفرض غرامة مالية عليها

إلا أن جنود  ما يسمى بالإدارة المدنية الإسرائيلية يقومون بإعتقال الخراف والدجاج, والجمال, ومصادرة معدات زراعة الأراضي المملوكة من قبل الفلسطينيين, ويرفضون أعادتها لأصحابها دون دفع مبالغ مالية كبيرة, لا يتم إدخالها إلى ميزانية الإدارة المدنية, ولا أحد يعلم أين تذهب هذه الأموال

وتدعي الأدارة المدنية أن المخصصات المالية التي تجبى من الفلسطينيين, (وهي تجبى  بشكل غير قانوني), تدفع إلى ما يسمى بدوريات المراقبة والكشف التي تسيرها الإدارة المدنية لتقوم بأعمال نهب ممتلكات الفلسطينيين وإعتقال حيواناتهم وهدم بيوتهم

ويرأس وحدة المراقبة في الإدارة المدنية المستوطن “دافيد كشك” الذي أثرى على حساب نهب ممتلكات الفلسطينيين, واستصدار أوامر هدم منازلهم, وهو إبن الجاسوسة الصهيونية في لبنان, بائعة الهوى شولا كوهين [8]