Sixty-year Old Man Beaten to Death by Police Officer

أم مصرية عذبت حتى الشلل التام على يد قوات الأمن المصري

11-01-2014AOHR – UK – 2014-01-11, sixty-year old Egyptian Mahroosa Badawi beaten to death by an Egyptian police officer. The Arab Organisation for Human Rights in UK (AOHR) received a grievance letter from Hani Said, member of the defence team representing many Egyptians arrested during the crack-down on Rabaa Al-Adawiya and Annahda Square sit-ins, revealing that an Egyptian security force broke into his house to arrest him and, when they could not find him, beat his elderly mother to death.

Said documented how the police came to his house in Giza governorate at 2am on the morning of Friday the 3rd of January 2014 to arrest him on the background of his work as member of the defence team representing several Egyptians opposed to the coup.

Said was not home but his wife and his mother, Mahroosa Badawi Rajab (born 10 July 1953) were. The police force searched the house and asked the wife and mother about Said’s whereabouts and both denied knowing where he was at the time. A police officer made several abusive remarks and threatened to drag his mother across the floor and shoot her if she did not tell them where Said was. When the mother failed to respond, he hit her on the head with the butt of his pistol killing her almost instantly.

They threatened the wife the same would happen to her and to Said if she filed a complaint. Hani Said could not attend his mother’s funeral or file an official complaint for fear they might come after his wife. An official death certificate recorded a death by natural causes.

The AOHR UK asserts that the murder of Mrs. Mahroosa Badawi at the hands of security forces is further evidence of the moral and professional deterioration of security apparatuses which have shown nothing but total disregard for human rights in the absence of legal accountability.

The AOHR UK calls upon the international community and the UN secretary-general to take quick measures to put an end to the abuse of human rights in Egypt and form a fact-finding mission to investigate the thousands of crimes committed in Egypt in the aftermath of the 3rd of July military coup.

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