Palestinian Hunger Striker Released From Zionist Jail

IssawiPalestinian administrative detainee Samer Issawi, who had been released previously as part of the “Gilad Shalit” deal and was subsequently re-arrested by the israeli occupation, was released and returned to his house and family at al-Issawiya in occupied East Jerusalem.

The israeli jailing service released prominent Palestinian prisoner Samer Issawi on Monday, after eight month of hunger strike at the Israeli detention, the longest known hunger strike to this date. Issawi led a political campaign against his arrest without trail by the israeli occupation, what they call “administrative detention”.

Issawi was one among the 1,027 prisoners released from israeli prison in the deal of the release of the IDF soldier Gilad Shalit. The israeli government of occupation re-arrested Issawi among other prisoners after months of their release??

Issawi began a hunger strike shortly after his return to prison; he received only liquids fortified with vitamins, which kept him alive. Due to the strike, he lost more than half his weight.

On April, it was reported that Issawi has agreed on a deal brokered by israeli and Palestinian officials to serve eight months for allegedly violating bail conditions for an earlier release, after which he will be freed to his Jerusalem home.

The family of Issawi, his friends, representatives of the Palestinian Prisoner Club and a non-governmental organizations were waiting for his release at the entrance of the israeli jail. Issawi is still sick and unable to eat, he lost more than half of his weight during detention.

بعد أن أعدمت الزوجة رميا بالرصاص, السلطة الفلسطينية تعدم الزوج كوازبة في المعتقل
بعد أقل من خمسة شهور ونصف على إعدام الشرطة الشرطة الفلسطينية للمواطنه خالدة تيسير كوازبه”, 30 عاما من بلدة “المينيا” قضاء بيت لحم, رميا بالرصاص أمام أطفالها في الشارع العام بينما كانت تقوم بشراء مستلزمات أبنائها الدراسية للعام 2013, فقد أعلنت اليوم الإثنين الموافق 23 ديسمبر السلطة الفلسطينية عن “إنتحار” زوجها  السجين “نواف كوازبة” من مواليد بلدة سعير قضاء الخليل, في سجن ما يسمى ب “الأمن الوقائي” في بيت لحم مستغلة بذلك إنشغال المواطنين في الإحتفالات أعياد الميلاد المجيدة في المدينة المقدسة. البقية هنا

مقتل ضابط فلسطيني في مهمة تنسيق أمني مع إسرائيل
 قتل فجر الخميس الماضي 19 ديسمبر 2013, ضابط المخابرات الفلسطينية صالح ياسين (29 عاما) برصاص قوات الاحتلال وسط مدينة قلقيلية، في سياق ما يسمى بعملية “تنسيق أمني” فلسطيني مشبوهة أدت لإعتقال عدد من الشرفاء “المطلوبين” الفلسطينيين لقوات الأحتلال. البقية هنا

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