Former Police Officer Murdered in Bethlehem, EU COPPS Suspect

MahameedFormer Palestinian Police officer Hasan Mubarak Abu Mahameed, political prisoner in Israel and activist of Fatah, was shot dead by the paramilitary police of the PA in Al-Fureidis (al-Asakira) east of Bethlehem on Monday.

Mr. Abdullah Abu Hadid, a Fatah activist who went to the hospital of Beit Jala to calm the angry Palestinians gathering at the entrance of the hospital storing the body of the victim said: “I knew the young man who was killed well. Mr. Mahameed is a former political prisoner at israeli jails. He spent four years in prisons on charges of belonging to the Fatah movement.”

Mr. Mahameed worked for five years as a PA police officer after he was released from israeli jail. He was forced to resign from his work after his father’s death in a fight with the Al-Wahsh family, a clan that has strong connections with the PA and the Fatah movement.

Several eyewitnesses confirmed that Mr. Mahameed was unarmed at the incident. He was driving his car to pick up his daughter from school because of the severe cold wave. The Palestinian police force, a militia trained by the EU COPPS, intercepted him. He was beaten to the ground where the police shot him. The bullets hit him directly in the back and exited from other parts of his body.

The spokesperson of the Palestinian Police spread lies about the incident as is usual after each crime they perpetrate. He claimed that the forces shot Mahameed after he “escaped during an attempt to arrest him” and that he was wanted since 2005.

The Palestinian paramilitary Police has perpetrated many of murders during supposed attempts to arrest Palestinians.

  • On June 15 2013, the Palestinian militarized police murdered a Palestinian elderly man, Mr. Sadi Al-Skhel from Nablus.
  • On May 8, 2013, Khaleda Tayseer Quazbeh, 30, a mother of 13 children from Al-Minia in the district of Bethlehem, was murdered in cold blood by PA police in civilian clothes.
  • On 23 February 2013, another Palestinian prisoner, Ayman Mohammad Sharif Samara, 40, was arrested by the PA police and  “died” on 1 March 2013, at the Jericho Prison in the occupied West Bank.
  • On April 15 of last year 2012, the Palestinian police and security forces executed in cold blood the Palestinian youth Amthal Ghannam al-Ghwadre in the village of Bir al-Basha.

The murder of Mr. Mahameed and other Palestinians goes to the account of the EU COPPS. The European police unit COPPS has been stationed since years in Ramallah and trains the Palestinian Police in the suppression of the Palestinian civilian society and of any citizen who would express views against the occupation.

The EU COPPS is garrisoned in Ramallah and works in occupied Palestine according to supplemental political protocols imposed on the Palestinian people. Their presence has resulted in a great increase in the brutality of Palestinian police. They are fully responsible for mass arrests, torture, deaths and continued violations of human rights perpetrated by the Palestinian police.

The European COPPS forces train the Palestinian police to do their dirty work which simply can be described as methodical violations of the international humanitarian law, as repressive dictatorship gangs whose tasks are defined simply as suppressing Palestinian opposition to the occupation and to turn Palestine into a bigger Guantanamo.


In which country in the EU does the police drag prisoners around in this miserable way? (Pic Credit: COPPS)

The picture proudly displayed at the COPPS website tell the truth of what COPPS does. In the picture above the trainees can be seen dragging captives around in a disgusting way, as this would not be done in any European country.

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