Dutch-Israeli Dispute Over Gazas New Scanner

Dutch prime ministerAmid today’s report of a canceled visit by the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to Gaza’s commercial crossing, Gisha – Legal Center for Freedom of Movement (Maslak), offers some facts about Israel’s ban on transferring goods from Gaza to the West Bank and Israel: 

• Since 2007, Israel has banned Palestinians in Gaza from transferring goods to Israel and the West Bank, which constitute more than 85% of the markets for Gaza’s outgoing produce, manufactured goods and other items.
• Israel permits limited amounts of goods to be exported to third countries, via the Kerem Shalom Crossing it controls. Although export truckloads undergo security checks and transit though Israel and the West Bank, the trucks are not permitted to unload there, where demand for their goods is highest.
• As a result, Palestinians from Gaza are selling just 2% of the volume of outgoing goods that they were selling prior to the ban.
• The agricultural and manufacturing sectors in Gaza – and the tens of thousands of families dependent on them – are paying the price. Unemployment in Gaza stands at 33%. Prior to 2008, 200 farmers grew cherry tomatoes, primarily for sale in Israel and the West Bank. By 2011, the number was down to 13.
gaza• In 2012 and 2013, Israel piloted exceptions to the ban, allowing 53 truckloads of goods from Gaza to be sold to the Palestinian Authority and the World Food Program in the West Bank and a few trucks of palm fronds (lulav) to be sold to Israel for the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. The exception has not been widened.

The Dutch government donated the multi-million Euro scanner to the PA for use by Israel. Visiting Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte reportedly canceled participation in a planned inauguration ceremony for the scanner, after Israel refused his request that it be used to scan goods transiting from Gaza to the West Bank.  

Israel says the ban on Palestinians from Gaza selling goods to Israel and the West Bank is part of what it calls the “Separation Policy“, a policy that contradicts other statements by military officials confirming the importance of economic development in Gaza to stability and to Israel’s own security interests.

2 comments to Dutch-Israeli Dispute Over Gazas New Scanner

  • carl

    I have read your last three posts and I am reluctant to speak but I feel I should make a few comments .Do understand that this land is the promised land that God gave to Jacob(Israel)and the Lord will not bring (gather) the Israelites back to that land UNTIL after the great tribulation , that’s right , there is no such thing as the rapture . So the people that are ruling in this land (and at present the whole world )is the brother of Jacob and that is Esau (Edom) for he hated Jacob and that makes Edom(Esau) a murderer . You can call these people Jews or whatever you want , but they are not Israelites ! After the death of George VI(PLANNED) and the rise of Queen Elizabeth , who is of the spirit of Jezebel ,the world has been put on a fast track to the new world order(NWO). The British royal family think their Jews as do all of the royal houses , this of course is not the case . Much of the evil of the world has been planned in the city of London , even world wars ,and has been spread throughout the commonwealth and the USA(which we should call America). The Muslims are bad because we see that spot in their eye , we as Christians cannot see the darkness in our eyes because those prophets (teachers) that teach us come in sheep clothing but inwardly are ravening wolves ,yes they are ministers of Satan , not all know what they are but many do . Am I saying the Muslims have it right , no . Am I saying the Christians have it right , no . I am aware that I’m of the House of Israel (also aware the House of Israel was wicked and God divorced them and later their sister the House of Judah). The UN is big part of the NWO , so do not expect salvation from them . So lets all that has breath praise the LORD my God for he is the mighty one Israel and if he is for me , who is against me . Merry Christmas .

  • maybe what carl is trying to say is that gog & magog “Proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism
    cannot be the Children of Israel.

    nor can the sepharvaim {inhabitants of Samaria} nor can the edomite -Money changers & Pharisees} nor the Kenite “scribes” nor the synagogue of satan worshippers…called “Jews”.


    Matthew 13:39…John 8:44 – Revelation 3:9.

    no one on earth Has to believe lies…

    Probably the language must become PURE. {Zephaniah 3:9}

    Know Truth…Free Palestine.

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