Protests Lead to Arrest of Journalists and Lawyers

لا للتصعيد بين الأخوة المصريين في النمسا, ورأب الصدع واجب وطني وأخلاقي

protestTuesday – November, 26 2013 – 35 Egyptian activists were arrested by the Egyptian security forces during a peaceful protest organized by the “No to Military Trials for Civilians” movement outside of the Shura Council in Cairo. The protesters were expressing their rejection against an article regulating military trials for civilians in the new constitution. The police used excessive force and tear gas against the peaceful protest, and they arrested dozens of activists who were participating in the protest demo, including  journalists and lawyers.

In a related development, the Kasr Al-Nile Court for Misdemeanours today ordered the imprisonment for one month of activist Ayman Maher. He was fined EGP 50 and a bail of EGP 100 was imposed to suspend the ruling. The security forces arrested Maher during his participation in the second anniversary of the “Mohamed Mahmoud incidents”. He was accused of possessing and distributing the statements of the “Thuwar” front, what is deemed by the regime as incitement to subversion.

The names of the detainees during the protest demo are below.

protest-egyptEman Ouf, Mohamed Abdel Aziz, Peter Galal, Mona Saif, Rasha Azab, Nazli Hussein, Ahmed Ragab, Amr Adel, Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Monim, Abdel Hamid Mohamed, Ahmed Al-Demishiti, Mamdouh Gamal, Alyaa Ali Abdel Latif, Maha Mousa, Mohamed Sami Mokhtar, Ahmed Hossam Al-Attar, Nermine Hussein, Mohamed Hossam Al-Din, Hany Mahmoud Al-Gamal, Abdel Rahman Tareq, Mustafa Yousri, Osama Al-Hadi, Abdullah Gamal, Ahmed Abdel Rahman, Abdel Rahman Atef, Mohamed Al-Refai, Mohamed Abdel Hakim, Noha Tareq, Abdel Rahman Sayyed, Mariam Ezzat, Ahmed Mohamed Nabil, Mohamed Hosni, Mahmoud Mohamed Abdel Aziz, Naglaa Ahmed Yousif, Madiha Al-Malwani, Mustafa Al-Marsafawi

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