Al-Sisi: An Upwardly Mobile Paranoiac Dictator

president of Egypt-1
جنرال مصر الصاعد هل أصيب بجنون العظمة؟؟
شاهد فيديو محافظ سوهاج يطلق الرصاص من مسدسه على المعلمين

General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is the new Egyptian military dictator who was suddenly turned into a star by using the lack of education and knowledge of the 16 million Egyptian illiterates to support his anti-coup of last May to counter the January 25 2011 revolution in Egypt. The illiteracy figure is a number published by the Egyptian Centre of Statistics on literacy in 2012.

  • The question is, what has General Al-Sisi achieved for his people since he came to power?
  • But more: Where did the millions of dollars pumped by Gulf countries into the Treasury of the Republic of Egypt disappear?
  • What are the solutions provided by General Al-Sisi and his government for the poor Egyptian in order to reduce the problems of poverty, famine and unemployment?
  • What he did to reduce the high numbers of the children begging in the streets of Egypt?
  • Where are the security and safety that he supposedly achieved in Egypt while the daily statistics of crimes, theft and wanton criminal attacks continue raising in his country?
  • Can Egyptian women walk ten steps in the streets of their towns without that a man gropes their bodies in indecent ways?
  • Where is the justice which his regime promised in the issue of the murder of University students on past October 6 2013?
  • Where are the freedoms of journalism and expressions under his autocratic regime?
  • How many journalists are held in jail and tried at military courts for the crime of telling the truth?
  • How many media organization has Al-Sisi closed?
  • Which are the positive achievements of the “roadmap government” which he appointed in Egypt?
  • How many female students has his government jailed and which are  charges against them?
  • How many thousands of opposition activists have been jailed by Al-Sisi and how many of them were raped or sexually abused at his jails at the hands of his interrogators?
  • Since when is the systematic purging of the political opposition and their supporters considered a national achievement?
  • How manys million of dollars did he spend printing his images, which are now hanged everywhere in the country?

General Al-Sisi has inundated the Republic of Egypt with his images as a hero. He paid millions of Egyptian donation to print his pictures and hang them on walls all over the country. He divided the Egyptian people into rival and conflicted groups. While he has forbidden the religious Islamic Brotherhood, he has created religious groups which worship him so much that they created a Sura for him as in the holy Koran in return for a sandwich of Falafel and a dish of Hummus, and groups of thugs chant for him in the streets and break the head of everybody suspected of opposing the regime with heavy sticks.

Al-Sisi imposed a state of emergency on his country, he imprisoned more than 17.000 Egyptians without any recognizable legal grounds, and he has let his military courts impose harsh sentences on hundred of civilian detainees on insane grounds.

On August 13. 2013, his government has reappointed 17 military Generals and two Police Generals and six other figures of the dictatorial Mubarak regime throughout Egyptian provinces. There was no female among them. A military general appointee, Gov. Mahmoud Othman Ateeq of Sohag, a former deputy governor in Alexandria, was filmed in 2011 raising a gun at a demonstration of teachers, who can be heard begging for their lives. (See the film below).

In Cairo, the capital and most populous province, the new governor, Galal Mostafa Saed, was a senior figure in Mr. Mubarak’s old governing party. Mr. Saed had governed a smaller province before he was thrown out during the 2011 revolution.

Al-Sisi appointed Gen. Mohamed Farid el-Tohamy, who is responsible for rooting out government corruption, Al-Tohamy was appointed head of the general intelligence service, one of the most powerful positions in Egypt.

000_2932Under his power, several laws were issued which limit the freedom of opinion, expression and demonstration in Egypt.

The laws are against the freedoms and human rights and enacted by the Minister of Justice Adel Abdel Hamid and his assistant Omar Al-Sherif, who is in his post since the ruling of the autocratic Mubarak.

These laws are the protest law, the law of extending pre-trial detention period and the terrorism law, which has been termed the “anti-terrorism” law. In addition to other laws nd ministerial paractices as well as decisions that waste the human rights as well as the rights of those who are remanded in custody.

Also, Al-Sisi pressured the Constitutional Legislation Committee to issue further legislation that barricaded him and the army and give him absolute powers in the country.

This way of acting of course makes sense: like all dictatorships ruling by the grace of the CIA and the zionist international, Al-Sisi and his entourage know very well that neither they nor their supporters have friends anywhere, so their only way to cling to power is by deception, corruption and violence – any other way of ruling is made impossible by the incremental paranoia which affects all people who know that they are behaving wrongly, including the dictators of all ages.

2 comments to Al-Sisi: An Upwardly Mobile Paranoiac Dictator

  • scott shepard

    Dear Kawther,

    I can’t be surprised that Al Sisi is a petty dictator with delusions of greatness. He is out of the Egyptian army, which has done nothing for Egypt since 1973. What more does he know? But to have Secretary Kerry go over there and praise this sun glass wearing monster, that is disgraceful. Kerry comes out of elite schools, has battlefield experience, matured in the best liberal preparing grounds, has served in the top offices and known all of the great men and women of our times.

    How could he come from that, and lug bags of gold over to give to a dictator? Is US fear of Muslims so great that we would stoop to that?

    • Hallo Scott,

      “Is US fear of Muslims so great that we would stoop to that?”

      There is no US fear of Muslims. That is prima facie absurd. The Communists since the days of Tito as an agent of Stalin in the 1930′s in Tehran have meddled in the affairs of the Middle East. The British since long before that in the 19th century and the Opium trade from the Middle East to China – Sasoon etc. The original founding fathers of the United States warned of the U.S. getting involved in the Middle East ever. But since the empire building stage of the United States ended with the Spanish American “war,” and the globalist phase of U.S. dominance began then, the world is up for grabs. All of that comes on the demise of the Ottoman Empire, which for various reasons had to be considered khafir in certain respects by Islam. The dissolve of any Caliphate with real power centered on the proper Islamic political center of Mosul is well before that. With World War II the Nazification of Egypt had been haltingly begun and haltingly continued afterward by the CIA, i.e. Colonel Jamal Abdul Nasir (then President Nasser at the overthrow of King Farouk). During the twentieth century with the secularization of Islamic culture with especially Bolshevik instigated nationalist ideologies and symbolism supplanting traditional cultures on one hand and the Neo-Fascist/Neo-Nazi instigated nationalist ideologies on the other perceived as an inevitable real politik and a zietgeist of constant revolution accepted as a norm, the functioning of the Zionist matrix behind the scenes is not seen or is ignored. But the Hegelian dialectic of the Zionist masters and their concomitant banking power are the raison d’êtres for the dialectic in the first place. A example of the manipulation, which is as byzantine in the worst sense imaginable, is the MI6 operation known as the Muslim Brotherhood, along with Hassan al Banna and other agentes provocateur historically in the employ of western and other non-Islamic interests, who have no love for the Middle East, what we see is a provoked and financed so called Islamist terrorist organization, which is in reality British Royal Arch Freemasonic and directly related to Rothschild Rosecrucian Golden Dawn London Temple plotting to build the empire of ad Dajjal (known to the West as the Antichrist). These various interests do not regard Muslims, or Christians for that matter, as human beings, just non-entities to be manipulated and disposed of. Until the utterly cold blooded disregard of London and Washington and Moscow and especially the squatter settlement in Haifa of ZioNazis calling itself Tel Aviv, et al, for people that God has created with God given rights is properly understood there will be no appreciation for the absolutely pragmatic and evil attitude of politicians who have no concern for the people involved, that definitely includes Kerry.


      The Justice of God: Omar Khayyam: Surrendering Islam

      The Justice of God: The Rebuilt Temple

      Danke und auf Wiedersehen, Herr Shepard.

      Gott sei mit dir immer, Frau Salam.

      Freies Palästina!

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