UN Vote For Israeli Nuclear Weapon

Noon Session In Favour of Israel at IAEA

DSC_6187On Friday September 20 2013, on the last day of the 57th General Conference held in Vienna, fifty one member states of the IAEA voted in favour of Israel keeping its nuclear weapons and against a draft resolution (GC(57)1.3) submitted by the Arab States regarding israeli “Nuclear Capabilities”, which called on Israel to join the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). 42 countries vote in favour of the resolution and 32 abstained.

Arab states submitted a non-binding resolution on israel nuclear weapons for the first time during the IAEA 54th General Conference in 2010. The courageous step, which was impeded because of the cowed silence of the international community and the IAEA member states regarding the lack of movement in efforts to create a Middle East zone free of weapons of mass destruction, was strongly opposed by israel, USA, Canada, Britain, New Zealand, Australia and the EU, who all colluded to thwart consecutive draft resolutions in this regards introduced by Arab states.

DSC_6213 copyDuring the morning, before the start of the last session day of the 57th IAEA General Conference, USA delegates engaged in a systematic campaign against the Arab States draft resolution. US and israeli delegates were seen during the morning wandering the conference room and systematically meeting with all country delegations, speaking to delegates representing small countries which rely on US and EU financial aid. It was clear that the US and israeli representatives to the IAEA “recommended” to these other countries to vote against the draft resolution introduced by the Arab states.

DSC_6209 copyThe thwarting of the draft resolution on israeli Nuclear Weapons clearly shows the double standards of the state members of the IAEA towards the major issue of the Middle East zone free of weapons of mass destruction, which threaten the security of the whole region.

The USA and Canada “justified” their rejection claiming that the draft introduced by the Arab states is backed by Iran, which “seeks a nuclear arms capability” according to their abstruse claims.

The US envoy to the IAEA, Joseph Macmanus, claimed that “targeting its close ally would only hurt broader steps aimed at banning nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction in the tinderbox region”. He even regretted that the resolution was brought to a vote.

9 comments to UN Vote For Israeli Nuclear Weapon

  • Carl

    Israel gets to have nuke’s and Arab nation’s are not allowed to protect themselves or their population from Israeli and U.S. attack or aggression? Makes you wonder who’s really running things behind the scene.

  • Second hand smoke

    As if they had any real authority not coming from deception.What if they had said,”No,Israel must give up its nukes.”What then?Stop listening too this ruinous organization.They have caused almost as much death and suffering as communism.Theres is the multi-culti BS thats wrecked most civilized nations and you know it.People are stupid and thats why criminal cartels like the UN are wasting everybodies time and effort.Do whatever you want but get what you deserve.Look what common core is teaching you kids.Do you care?Then who should?

  • Seanoamericano

    Big fat mo
    I see no problem with that. The second part of that statement.
    It is sad that a terrorist state such as israel can ignore laws and wage wars on its neighbors at will using the U.S. Its time to cut all aid to them and let them fight their own wars. Wouldnt have these problems if the scourge of dual citizenship holders ended because their loyalties lay elsewhere.

  • fred

    They voted for their own eventual demise. Amazing they haven’t heard of the Samson option. “Earth is our, and if we can’t have no one can” paraphrased.

  • Peter

    Israel is an Rogue Nation and a terrorist state. I see no problem with getting rid of them. They have kept the Middle East in a constant state of war since before they were even a State. They have very few real Jews in a Country that was supposed to be a homeland for the Jews. Real Jews oppose the existence of Israel, so this isn’t an Anti anything perspective much less Anti Antisemitism. Just as there are few real ethnic Jews in Israel therefore not Semites, the Palestinian people are ALL Semites. Most of the Zionist leadership are Russians Poles and Germans. The original settlers were Russian Communists.

  • mothman777

    The very fact of the repeated making of the threat of unleashing the Samson Option of total nuclear destruction on all countries outside Israel by various senior Israelis, including Golda Meir, Martin Van Creveld, and others, is completely unacceptable and should automatically have resulted years ago in the withdrawal of all UN recognition of the legitimacy of Israel. The sad fact is that the UN is totally controlled by their agents.

    Incidentally, I see the point raised in a comment above that the original settlers in the new state of Israel were Communists from Russia, which is very true, though reading Dr Karl Skorecki’s genetic research one can see that the fact is nonetheless that Ashkenazim are actually from the stock of wandering Jews of the diaspora who were merely sought out and reinitiated back into the fold.

    Was not the mission of Jesus to seek out the lost sheep and bring them back into the Jewish faith? And that is who the Ashkenazim of Russia really are, wandering Jews, and their DNA being similar to the Sephardim, who themselves, according to another report by a different scientist, are similar to modern day Palestinians in the Bible land proves that. The dismissive and pretentious writings of Elhaik on this issue are a patent effort to diguise the true identity of the Ashkenazim, in similar style to the Maronites, so as to be able to blame their misdeeds onto Gentiles, with it being claimed that that is who the Ashkenazim actually are. It is very strange that a plethora of writers of Jewish origin are most anxious to push this myth, accompanied by a small army of commenters who push the same erroneous information in the comments sections of a very significant portion of articles relating to Israel or any Jewish affairs, even when the subject matter of the article is really nothing to do with any such issue.

    Such a ploy allows these writers to claim complete innocence for the so-called genuine Jews in Israel, whose presence alone would be enough to continue so-called legal justification for maintaining the state of Israel in existence anyway, so saying that Ashkenazim Jews in Israel are not real Jews does not do anyone but the Israelis a favour really, and is no real victory for the Gentiles at all, if the Ashkenazim are being made out to be Gentiles in any case. But the Israelis themselves will conveniently dismiss all this themselves anyway of course, such an artificially contructed ‘fact’ only being created to exonerate all ‘real’ Jews from any wrong-doing in Israel and elsewhere, in the minds of Gentiles worldwide, and thus allow their NWO agenda to continue behind the scenes unhindered.

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