Egypt Interior Minister Survives Cairo Bomb Attack

Cairo attackReuters – Egypt’s interior minister survived an assassination attempt today when a bomb blew up as his convoy drove through Cairo’s Nasr City district, state media and security officials said.
Security sources said at least two people were killed and at least 10 injured, but the minister, who lives in Nasr City, just outside the city centre, was not hurt.

The minister, Mohamed Ibrahim, has been among those responsible for a violent crackdown on supporters of Mohammed Morsi, the Islamist president ousted two months ago by the army following mass protests against his rule. Ibrahim said the attack was “not the end but the beginning” of a new wave of terrorism, but that the authorities would win out.

Ibrahim said this week that he had been informed of plans to kill him, and that “foreign elements” were involved. General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, head of the armed forces, had supplied him with an armoured car identical to the one he uses, he said.

The security sources said a bomb had exploded near his convoy. The state-run Nile TV reported that Ibrahim had survived an assassination attempt. Initial reports suggested the device had been a car bomb but state TV later reported that it had been thrown from a building.

cairo attack 2Ibrahim said the “despicable attempt” on his life had destroyed four of his bodyguards’ vehicles. He said one police officer was in critical condition, and that another officer and a small child had lost their legs.

“Many of my guards were injured,” he said, adding that investigations had shown the blast had been detonated remotely. Armed security forces quickly sealed off the area, where blood and pieces of flesh were scattered on the ground. A number of cars were damaged and the windows of adjacent buildings smashed.

“I was standing by a kiosk when police officers came and told me to make way as the minister’s convoy passed. I moved a few inches, then I heard a huge explosion sound,” said local resident Mohamed Raafat

“I looked behind and I saw remains of dead bodies and was told that a car that was parking had exploded near the convoy.” The military-backed government that took over from Morsi has killed hundreds of supporters of his Muslim Brotherhood, which it accuses of inciting violence and committing terrorist acts, and arrested most of its top leaders. Around 100 members of the security forces have also been killed.

The Brotherhood denies the allegations and accuses the army of staging a coup and trying to return Egypt to the repressive era of former president Hosni Mubarak. It says it is committed to peaceful resistance.

Egypt faced an Islamist insurgency in the 1990s, when bombing and shooting attacks destabilized the country and hurt tourism.

3 comments to Egypt Interior Minister Survives Cairo Bomb Attack

  • Hallo Frau Salam,

    Meanwhile the Syrian Christians are being attacked by “Islamists.” It is true these are plants there by American Israel connivance. But they are still Arab. The sheikhs that speak for the Ummah have the power to prevent this from happening. I don’t mean they cause it in the first place. They don’t. They know that according to all true interpretation of the Noble Quran that it is unlawful to do such things. But if they don’t speak out forcefully it will happen. It is their duty to speak out now and continue to do so.

    In Christ,


  • Scott Shepard


    Blowback. Anti militarists (among them the Brotherhood)were under the thumb for 50 years. Then, they won a free election outright. 50 years of waiting; in fact, thousands of years, if you want to think back into Egyptian history. The first free election ever. And now the petty general in the sunglasses wants to put the toothpaste back into the tube.

    If Sisi thinks that the Brotherhood was annoying when they were in power, they will find out how much trouble they can be forced illegally out of power. Once upon a time they were just rebels. Now when they conspire and terrorize, they know that they do so with some legitimacy. Even when terrorizing they have more legitimacy than a general dictator who never won a vote for anything.

    It is a dark time for Egypt. Dark because the educated did not stick up for the democracy that Egyptians themselves created. They turned their backs on their own votes because they did not get perfection from the Brotherhood after a single year of rule. Nasser/Sadat/Mubarak had 50 years to ruin the Egyptian economy, the Egyptian EVERYTHING. What did they deliver for the people? Service to Israel? And Morsi got one year to fix it?

    • This says it all.

      The Muslim Brotherhood is neither Muslim nor has any legitimacy at all as any group that acts or speaks for any legitimate Arab cause.

      1) The Muslim Brotherhood assassinated Anwar Sadat.

      2) The Muslim Brotherhood is an arm of the Illuminati/Anglo-American-Israeli Intelligence apparatus.

      3) Functionally, the Muslim Brotherhood is just Black (Arab) Sayanim of the Mossad.

      4) Any Arab, no matter where they live, that supports the Muslim Brotherhood, is guilty of all their crimes they have committed for the advancement of the aggressions of Israel.

      5) Both the Muslim Brotherhood and all of their supporters are therefore guilty of the crimes that the Israeli Criminal Cartel is guilty of.

      6) For all it’s violations of true Muslim understanding of the Noble Quran, the Muslim Brotherhood is Khafir. See: Special Palestine Cry Blog articles: The Muslim Brotherhood

      7) Anyone posing as a Pro-Palestinian who supports the Muslim Brotherhood’s actions in the slightest is a Hasbarat-chik poseur and Sayan for the Israelis.

      8) The Muslim Brotherhood and all Sayanim are as guilty of terrorism as the Israelis.

      9) Amongst the other connected terror cells to the Muslim Brotherhood in the Black Sayanim groups used by the Israelis are the American Al-Qaeda, which along with all other plotters of 911 are as guilty of 911 as the rest. Although it was traitors in the American Air Defense that betrayed the United States on 911, the whole plan and execution, especially the demolition of the Twin Trade Towers and WTC 7, was masterminded by Israel and overseen by Sayeret Matkal. To support the Muslim Brotherhood is to support the terror attack on 911. Both are evil.

      10) Given the inevitability of the downfall of Israel, and its evil self destructive policies and totally destructive policies of all of its neighbors, President Obama needs to update and carry out President John F. Kennedy’s plan he had the Joint Chiefs draw up 50 years ago to dismantle Israel and do so without warning or compromise.

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