USD1.1 Billion to PA For Negotiating With Zionists

دعوى قضائية تهز مقولة “نزاهة” القضاء المصري وطعن في قرار تشكيل لجنة الدستور

Abbas -USWashington – September 3 2013 – The World Bank transferred today an amount of about US$72.2 million to the Palestinian Authority from the Palestinian Reform and Development Plan Trust Fund (PRDP-MDTF), a multi-donor budget support to encourage the continued prostitution of Palestinian Authority to sit with the Israeli zionists and “sell” the rest of Palestine to the colonial occupation easily.  

The funds contributed by the governments of Kuwait, Australia and the United Kingdom will help support the urgent budget needs of the Palestinian Authority (PA), providing inter alia support for education, health care and other vital social services for the Palestinian people and for the economic reforms currently underway.

The World Bank PRDP Trust Fund was established on April 10, 2008, through an agreement signed between the World Bank and the Palestinian Authority during the 2008 World Bank-IMF Spring Meetings. It is a central component of a World Bank’s effort to support the ongoing Palestinian Reform and Development Plan. Currently, the PRDP-MDTF donors are the governments of Australia, France, Kuwait, Norway, the United Kingdom, and Japan.

With the new tranche release, the PRDP-MDTF will have disbursed about US$1.1 billion.

On July 8 2013 – Kuwait and the World Bank signed a US$50 million grant agreement to support the ongoing Palestinian Reform and Development Program (PRDP). This amount is in addition to the $230 million that Kuwait has provided to the PRDP World Bank-administered multi-donor trust fund since 2008.

The agreement was signed by Sheikh Salem Abdullah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Ambassador of Kuwait in Washington, DC, and Inger Andersen, World Bank Vice President for the Middle East and North Africa region. Merza Hasan, World Bank Executive Director and Dean of the Executive Board witnessed the signing.

“The State of Kuwait is committed to support the Palestinian Authority, as it has always done, and will remain engaged and committed to ensure the social and economic well-being of its citizens,” said Ambassador Al-Sabah.

1 comment to USD1.1 Billion to PA For Negotiating With Zionists

  • Dr. Scott Shepard


    As usual, you are the only one following the story. Nobody ever talks about the legality/morality of bribing the delegation to cooperate, as if since it is Palestinians, anything goes. When an Israeli official meets with his counterpart, every word has to be cleared with the powers back in Tel Aviv before the next step. Israelis always bring along their own high tech communications gear so that they don’t have to rely on anybody else’s during sensitive talks. That’s all in Clayton Swisher’s book on Camp David.

    When Arafat met with Barak, they tried to keep him from consulting any other Palestinians at all until an agreement was reached, let alone check with the party each night after talking. And as we know, at the last minute, Clinton’s offer to Arafat to sign back in September 2000 was 50 billion dollars that the Palestinian Authority could spend however it chose. Arafat, to his credit, finally decided NO. They worked him in terms of bribes and in terms of pressure, trying to break him down. Arafat made other agreements yes; he went along with Oslo I and Oslo II, and participated in secret negotiations, which totally undermined Ashrawi and the others; but in the end, the big one, Arafat said no. He would have been the king of Clinton’s new Palestine, but he refused.

    And Clinton broke his word, back in the spring of 2000, that he would not hold Arafat responsible, and not criticize him in public if the talks failed. When the talks fell through, Clinton and his minions immediately went on TV and put the blame on Arafat. Then they tried one more time, at Wye, in December. And they got closer. And the Israelis walked away this time.

    Keep up your good work, Kawther.

    Dr. Scott Shepard
    Dallas, Texas

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