Farewell of Iranian Ambassador Soltanieh

DSC_5006I was surprised to be invited to the farewell reception for Ambassador Ali Asghar Soltanieh, the Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the IAEA and the International Organizations at the UN in Vienna, an invitation which I accepted.

I have known the Ambassador for several years now for his reasoned speeches at the IAEA and the other international organizations at the UN in Vienna. His speeches at the international organizations, the ones which I attended, impressed me as principled yet objective and reasoned, and never varying from a very polite style of presentation. They were always a refreshing contrast of style to the rancorous bombast of the representatives of those delegations which have tried for nearly a decade now, without success, to incriminate his country with imaginary misdeeds.

Dr. Soltanieh should rightly be called a hero of the IAEA, as his personal style as well as his skill as a negotiator may have saved us all from a world war more than once. As a Palestinian, I am grateful for his principled words in support of my people and that he did not shrink from delivering righteous words against the zionists and their allies for their crimes against us.

DSC_5028In his own way, the Ambassador even contributed to the health of the American, Israeli and many delegations of tributary nations with his words, since they’d run for the exit many a time when he took to the podium, and as everybody knows, doing sports is healthy. Personally it was interesting to see how these delegations of many countries which ceaselessly point the finger at others because of human rights abuses, or where the freedom of expression is supposedly held in high esteem, ran for the exit as soon as this one Ambassador would mention truths too ugly for the ears of these puppets. Israel is not an exceptional state and its crimes against humanity are not above criticism and I do not understand why the world scares of Israel while even is not a state but a fraud of a state established in Palestine.

In my memory, Ambassador Soltanieh was the only diplomat who addressed the Palestinian issue with clear words in the muted language of diplomacy but still clear enough to leave no doubts about what was said. With his principled speeches Dr. Soltanieh also exposed the reality about how much free speech is worth in all these western tributaries of Israel. I can testify how true each word of Ambassador Soltanieh about Israel was, because as a Palestinian I know this “state” and its crimes better than most, especially those who hid their heads in the sand leaving their behinds exposed for all to see.

DSC_5021In his own words, Ambassador Soltanieh delivered his shortest speech at his farewell reception. He thanked his guests for attending and said that he was honoured by having been able to work with them, by their attendance as well as by the good relations with the countries they represented and the international organizations. He also stated that his government was determined to continue its policy of maintaining good relations with the international organizations and all countries. His Excellency finally invited his friends to call him in Teheran any time, but to take in account the time difference and not wake him up at night, and invited the attendance to enjoy the traditional Persian foods.

When it became time to say goodbye, I was able to tell Ambassador Soltanieh “The UN and the journalists will miss you”. I am sure that others who saw him working can also say that.

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  • Grüße Frau Salam,

    Allow me to give an answer to the question you so rightly posed.

    Question – “I do not understand why the world scares of Israel while even is not a state but a fraud of a state established in Palestine.”

    Answer – Money!, as in LIBOR Rothschild controlled world money control apparatus.



    – quote –

    What Is LIBOR?

    FINANCE & DEVELOPMENT, December 2012, Vol. 49, No. 4
    John Kiff

    The London interbank rate [LIBOR]

    A recent innovation

    Although banks in London have been lending to one another for centuries, LIBOR is a relatively new idea. It has its roots in the sudden growth in the early 1980s use of futures contracts to hedge against interest rate risk. Good benchmark rates were needed to settle those contracts. Markets turned to the banking industry trade group and the Bank of England to provide such a rate. The British Bankers’ Association launched LIBOR in 1986—initially with only three currencies—the dollar, the yen, and the pound sterling.

    – end of quote –

    LIBOR has pillaged the world’s entire economy – I repeat, it is a London Banking Rothschild invention. It was brought into being as the gold in Latin America was being siphoned off to London. The United States was drained of its gold before and concomitant with 911.

    Fukushima in part was to keep the Japanese in line with Israel’s dictates.

    LIBOR is hooked up with transnational drugs and crime, including gangs.

    The intelligence services/military of many nations are involved in terrorism to protect LIBOR’s masters, i. e. Rothschild et al. For instance, U.S. Marine Corps personnel in bombings in Asia and British SAS in helping transport and plant IEDs.

    The United States government is totally bought off. Europe and Asia don’t dare move unless they are told what to do. It is utterly stupid. If the governments of the world’s nations (including the United States) would simply nationalize their individual banking (destroy the Federal Reserve and all fractional banking) and write off LIBOR and LIBOR like debts incurred through transnational fiat unreal currency promoted by these Ponzi schemes and resume normal trade between nations and not try to sideline nations like Russia, THEN Israel’s power would be GONE.

    It is that simple.

    Best regards always,


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