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PA Arrests Man For Selling Perfume

Morsi_PerfumeTulkarem – Palestinian Authority dictator regime arrested a poor man, 27 years old, a resident of Tulkarem on suspicion of manufacturing and selling perfume named after deposed Egyptian president Mohamed, family members said on Thursday. Bdair’s brother, Abdel Fattah, said that the security agents stormed the family’s shop in Tulkarem and confiscated all the Morsi perfume bottles, in addition to a computer. The shop specializes in selling locally made fragrances for men and women.

He added: “Men from the security services raided my brother’s shop and confiscated all the perfume bottles that were labelled “Morsi” then arrested Islambuli and also seized his laptop”.

The PA leadership in the West Bank has come out in full support of the ouster of Morsi, hailing the Egyptian army for its crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

“The day after the arrest, my younger brother Qassam, 24, put a sign up on the shop door saying: An apology to customers, our Mohamed Morsi perfume has been seized by the authorities”.

Abdel Fattah said his family learned of the raid and arrest from neighbors and witnesses. He added: “No one contacted us to inform us of the arrest, my brother’s place of detention or the charges against him,” he said.

But he added that given the items confiscated, it was presumably because of the name of his Morsi perfume. Abdel Fattah insisted that the Morsi perfume was simply a business venture that had attracted a lot of customers.

PA Forces Assault Journalists

On the other hand, PA security officers beat a number of journalists during a rally in Ramallah last Friday in support of deposed Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi. They confiscated their cameras and deleted footage of the rally.

The assaults came as anti-riot policemen used force to break up the rally, which the PA said was organized by Hamas.

Among the journalists who were beaten were Ahmed Milhem of Wattan TV station, Mohamed Arouri of the Hamas-affiliated Al-Quds TV and Mohamed al-Qiq

Al-Qiq was roughed up by at least 15 officers belonging to the Preventive Security Force, witnesses said. Arouri said that a number of security officers dragged him, beat him and told him that he was “unwanted” in the area for security reasons.

Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms issued statements condemning the targeting of journalists by PA security forces. “Violations against the freedom of expression by the Palestinian security forces were moving from bad to worse. Suppression of marches is a policy of the security forces and leads to assaults on journalists,” the center said.

Meanwhile, Hamas accused the PA of arresting dozens of its supporters in the West Bank over the weekend. Most of those arrested had participated in protests against the “military coup” in Egypt, Hamas said.