Ashton Deplores The Loss of Lives In Egypt

EGYPTCatherine Ashton, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the Commission issued the following statement today: “I am following with great concern the ongoing situation in Egypt. Confrontation and violence is not the way forward to resolve key political issues. I deplore the loss of lives, injuries and destruction in Cairo and other places in Egypt. I call on the security forces to exercise utmost restraint and on all Egyptian citizens to avoid further provocations and escalation.

The country’s democratic future will depend on a dialogue among all concerned aimed at overcoming differences in an inclusive process of political reconciliation, with a fully empowered civilian government and functioning democratic institutions.

Key elements for the way ahead have been debated already, they include upholding the rights of freedom of expression and peaceful protest, protecting all citizens and enabling full political participation. At the same time all sides must take responsibility for the orderly conduct of demonstrations and an end to incitement.”


2 comments to Ashton Deplores The Loss of Lives In Egypt

  • Steve

    Hallo Frau Salam,

    The whole confrontation in Egypt is between people who are citizens and have a right to express themselves and a military takeover (against all principles of democratic rule) which only profits certain parties.

    We must ask, cui bono? To whose benefit is it? Obviously the Isreali balkanization plan for the region, with Anglo-American support for that plan, now has even further weakened Egypt with this latest brutality.

    Four centers of Arab solidarity have been erased or extremely weakened by Anglo-American supported and participated in Isreali Zionist unlawful expansionism.

    One – Saddam Hussein (figured prominently with long time CIA support begun in 1963) in Baathist Iraq. Kuwait was a baseball bat to his knees and 911 his death knell – true enough his fault for making the CIA his friend. His drug dealing banking corporate connections with the Bush Crime Cartel was evil as well.

    Two – Gaddafi’s Libya.

    Three – Ongoing destruction of the Egypt (and the whole Arab homeland) that Gamel Abdul Nasser had such high hopes and dreams and plans for.

    Four – Syria has been kept wrapped up in defending themselves from unlawful Zionist aggression in more than one form.

    Watch out for Ethiopa-Yemen for any attacks there – and feints thrown at Iran mostly to distract.


  • adriaan reivers

    how nice, the killers of many comi9ng out and saying that killing is bad…tell that to the Iraqis Afghanis and Pakistanis who are civilians who are killed by government sanctioned UN killers. UN = hypocrites and murderers who need sorting out and jailing. UN is a criminal org and those who are in it are willing or ignorant of the fact criminals and that be the truth.

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