International Conference on Oslo Accord: Impact and Future

Oslo Agreement for selling PalestineBefore sale of the rest of Palestine by the traitors of PLO to the israeli zionist occupation, the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) and the Exeter Institute of Arab Islamic Studies (IAIS) is in the final stages of preparation for the International conference marking the 20th anniversary of Oslo.

The two day conference from Saturday 7 October to Sunday 8 October, which includes leading experts, analysts, researchers and a number of government officials, will discuss the impact and future of Oslo.

Confirmed speakers include: Professor Rosemary Hollis (Professor of Middle East Policy Studies), Dr Ghada Karmi (leading Palestinian activist, academic and writer author of Married to Another Man), Professor Illan Pappé, Arab and Islamic Studies – University of Exeter, (Author of the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine).

Additional speakers are:  Dr Uri Davis, of FATH Revolutionary Council & Palestine National Council, ethnically cleansed and occupies Palestine, Salah Eldin Elzein, Director of Al Jazeera Centre for Studies, Michael Dumper, Professor in Middle East Politics Exeter University, Dr Bashir Nafee (British Academic)

Other speakers include:  Rawan Al Damen, Producer and Director, Programs Department Al Jazeera, Director of Al Nakba film series, Dr Daud Abdulah (Director of MEMO), Petter Bauck (Senior Advisor on conflict-related issues in the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation and Editor of upcoming book on Oslo), Oroub El-Abed, (PHD Researcher Associate Member SOAS), Gillian Kerr-Sheppard (University of Sydney), Emile Badarin (PhD student in Middle East Politics, his research is focused on the Palestinian political discourse between exile and occupation), Majed Al Zeer(General Director of PRC), Nasim Ahmed (Senior Researcher PRC and Author of Understanding the Nakba), Muhammed Hamid (Chair of PRC board of Trustee).

Seats are limited and people are highly encouraged to book their place in advance to avoid any disappointment.  The Impact and Future of Oslo will be streamed live for those who are unable to attend and wish to view the proceedings.

Book your seat now by emailing us on: events [at] prc [dot] org [dot] uk

The venue for the event is the P21 Gallery, 21 Chalton Street
London NW1 1JD, UK

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  • Oslo held out hope. Unfortunately, the demonic assassins murdered both President Arafat and Itzhak Rabin. Assuredly, President Arafat knew what was coming his way when Rabin was first assassinated. It isn’t as if there aren’t Jews in the Holy Land who would make peace, they just don’t hold the power. The Likkudniks are the most intrangible unreasonable dishonest fanatics that exist. In spite of the fact that the Palestinian people have made it clear for many decades that if the European and other Jews that have come to Palestine would simply grant the Palestinians their lawful full right of return and lawful full equal citizenship in their own land, the Palestinians would live in peace with the Jews that have come there from other nations and their descendants. It is the most forgiving and tolerant Christian and Muslim position there could be. But it is coldly and smugly rejected by the most self destructive group of fanatics imaginable. They may refuse to see it now, but just as the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, and the Quran declares that in being a force for destruction of mankind the Zionist transgressors of every law of God and man will cause their own destruction. What pitiable fools! May God preserve and protect the Palestinian people – He will.

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