President Abbas Running Smear Campaign Against Hamas In Egypt


Fron Left: Tayeb Abed Al-Rahim, Majed Faraj, Ziyaf Hab al-Rih and Bashir Abu Hatab

كتاب قوس قزح: لسنا حمساويين أو فتحاويين أو جبهاوبين أو ديمقراطيين أو … بل صحفيين
مصر تحت المجهر: هل ينتهي شهر رمضان المبارك بمجزرة دموية في ساحة رابعة العدوية في مصر؟؟
يا عزيزتنا يا مصر.. يا حبيبتنا يا مصر.. للبيت رب يحميه

During a press conference held today July 30 2013 in Gaza, Hamas leader Salah Al-Bardaweel released documents which show that PA President Abbas together with the head of the Palestinian intelligence Majed Faraj, the head of the preventive security Ziyad Hab Al-Rih, the director of the Palestinian intelligence in the southern occupied territories Jamal Hassoune, the Secretary General of the Palestinian Presidency Office Tayeb Abed Al-Rahim, the Palestinian Embassy in Egypt and some Fatah leaders are involved in a hostile campaign running anti-Hamas propaganda in Egypt.

وثائق تدين عباس وحركة فتح في التآمر على قطاع غزة

According to Al-Bardaweel, Abbas and his security officers are fabricating news and spreading them in the Egyptian media. According to him, the PA hostile media campaign against Hamas has the goal to implicate the Hamas leaders in Gaza in security issues in Egypt, for example implicating Hamas in killing and kidnapping Egyptian soldiers, participating in the fighting in Sinai, saying that they are involved with the Salafist groups, that they support the Muslim Brotherhood and are supposedly sending 500 “soldiers” to fight with them.  


During the last months, the Egyptian’s media has accused Hamas of interfering in the internal affairs of Egypt. Egyptian journalists have reported that Hamas had dispatched gunmen to Sinai and other parts of Egypt to kill civilians and soldiers. Other reports have claimed that the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood fled to the Gaza Strip following the ousting of President Mohamed Morsi.

The documents presented at the press conference include correspondence between the PLO Embassy in Cairo and representatives of the two Fatah-dominated security services. In one document, the Palestinian security services instruct the PLO’s media attaché in Cairo, Jihad al- Harazeen, to play a major role in feeding Egyptian journalists and media outlets with fabricated stories about Hamas’s alleged involvement in undermining Egypt’s security and stability.

Another Hamas official claimed that “Mohammed Dahlan”, Fatah leader who fled the Gaza Strip to Egypt in 2007, after Hamas took over the Strip and his bussnis partner “Khaled Salam”, former economic advisor of the deceased Palestinian President “Ysser Arafat” (both own several economic projects in Egypt) also involved in feeding the Egyptian media with “lies and fabrications” concerning Hamas’s alleged involvement in terrorist attacks against Egyptians.

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