Egyptian Revolution: Corrupt Governor and Thief Appointed Minister

ضابط  بوليس, لص وحاكم فاسد في عهد مبارك وزيرا للتنمية المحلية في حكومة السيسي

160534According to Egyptian sources from Cairo, temporary Prime Minister of the “road map” government, Dr. Hazem El-Beblawi, who was appointed to his position by the head of the latest military coup in Egypt, General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, has appointed a certain General Adel Labib, former province governor of Alexandria, Beheira and Qena under the regime of ousted Hosni Mubarak, to the position of a Minister of Local Development.

“We have to drink a cup of bitter coffee for the soul of the 25 January revolution, which has been betrayed by this latest appointment in government of Egypt” said my respected Egyptian sources while taking to me today morning from Cairo. In Arab culture it is customary to drink a cup of very bitter coffee during funerals. The pessimistic and sad sources said that temporary Egyptian PM Hazem el-Beblawi had “appointed a corrupt thief” to a government position

According to the sources, Labib is a “former” agent of police secret service who had worked under the dictatorial regime of ousted President Hosni Mubarak and was widely regarded as a thief and well known as the most corrupt governor of Alexandria. Labib is remembered in Alexandria as being forced to employ 8 bodyguards when was walking in the streets of that city, presumably due to his popularity. The offices of Labib have been the target of attacks with Molotov cocktails by residents of Alexandria Egyptians after he effectively destroyed the infrastructure of that city, previously regarded as the most beautiful city of Egypt and called the “Bride of the Middle East” before Labib took over that position from previous provincial governor Abdel el-Salam al-Mahgoub.  

Newly appointed Minister Labib received the title “governor of the streets” by Alexandria citizens after 170498352he decided to replace the historical street curbs of black basalt in all the streets of Alexandria, with blocks of concrete 10cm higher, supposedly to improve pedestrian safety. The historical curbstones of black basalt were beautiful and the pride of the citizens of Alexandria, they were replaced with concrete blocks, and as it came out later, not only was the contract given to a company owned by a relative of Labib, but the whole idea of replacing the basalt curbstones was a giant boondoggle implemented solely to favor this company, according to my sources. But even worse, the new concrete curbstones were of bad quality due to a combination of using cheap materials for the concrete as well as a hush-hush curing process. The result was that soon the new curbstones of most streets started to crumble, and they were destroyed even before the company of Labib’s buddy completed the contract. The beautiful old curbstones of black basalt were apparently sold for personal gain of then-governor Labib. And this is how former governor Labib destroyed the beautiful city of Alexandria, whose inhabitants were left very angry and with a crumbling infrastructure.

According to my sources, the offices of the Alexandria governorate were attacked and burnt down by 25 angry revolutionaries in 2011 as a direct consequence of then-Governor Labib and his widespread renown for corruption and “being a thief” and various capers as the one with the curbstones. Despite this renown and that everybody knew that he was also with the “Mukhabarat” (police secret service) of the Mubarak regime and generally being hated by many Egyptians, he has now been appointed Minister of Local Development, what has left my sources sad and wondering why such an individual would even be considered for a position in the current transition or “road map” government of his country.

The conclusion of my sources is that this latest coup was a counter-coup by political factions in Egypt which are allied with israel and the USA, and see it as a revival of the police state in their country, perhaps even worse than the Mubarak regime.


All together against Labib as Governor

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  • Defiant

    “Corrupt Governor and Thief Appointed Minister” With a couple of minor tweaks, this could have been the headline when Obama was elected.

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