Will Palestinian President Face Treason Charges?

هل سيواجه الرئيس عباس تهمة الخيانة العظمى في المحاكم الدولية؟؟

AbbasAccording to Palestinian sources, a group of Palestinian intellectuals and academics have recently discussed following legal steps at international political organizations and courts of justice against Palestinian “president” Mahmoud Abbas, whose presidential term expired in 2009, and to take other serious steps in order to prevent him from selling out the Palestinian homeland to the zionist jews as he has been doing since 20 years and in the so-called Oslo agreement and “peace” negotiation.

The group accuses “president” Abbas of treason against the nation, the division of the Palestinian occupied territories to small, closed cantons in the Oslo Accords, of legitimizing the zionist occupation, of working and spying for the benefit of Israel, of complicity to genocide, of the misuse of the power against the Palestinian people, of establishing a dictatorial regime, undermining individual liberties, jailing politicians and opposition figures, endangering the lives of the Palestinian since 20 years and stealing aid and donations from international sources, of helping Israel to loot the Palestinian lands and of protecting the zionist colonial squatters in occupied Palestine, and of high treason against the Palestinian people.

The move comes in response of Abbas’ dealing with the Palestinian people as a herd of sheep and controlling all Palestinian personal destinies, financial, legislative, political institutions  and of taking ill-advised and fateful decisions without first consulting with the nation.

The Palestinian activists state that “president” Abbas term has expired in 2009 and that he does not represent the Palestinian people, that he represent none of the political factions and neither the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. They state that Abbas is not trusted or reliable and that all political decisions which he has taken since 2009 and until today are considered null and void under the provisions of international laws. The academic group and politicians see the return of Abbas to negotiate with Israel without the assent of the Palestinian people as a betrayal against all Palestinians and against Palestine.

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