EU Calls For The Release Of Ousted President Morsi

إإعلان تاسيس التحالف الأوروبي لمناصرة الإسرى الفلسطينيين
دعوة للتبرع وإغاثة مصر موجهة من وزارة الخارجية إلى الإتحادات والجمعيات المصرية في الخارج

eu-egyptEU Foreign Ministers meeting in Brussels today stressed that the Egyptian armed forces should not play a political role in a democracy and that they must accept and respect the constitutional authority of civilian power as a basic principle of democratic governance. “It is now of utmost importance that Egypt embarks on a transition, allowing a transfer of power to a civilian-led and democratically elected government,” said the Foreign Affairs Council conclusions.

 “Key priorities must be the inclusive and democratic drafting process of the constitution; free and fair elections; end to politically motivated arrests; the release of all political detainees, including Mohamed Morsi; full respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms for all Egyptians, including the rights of women and persons belonging to religious communities; assurance of accountability for past violations and guarantees for peaceful political engagement,” the Council conclusions said, stressing that “all political parties, including the Freedom and Justice Party, must be allowed to work freely and enjoy full freedom of expression.”

 The EU fully recognizes the serious social and economic challenges that Egypt is facing and invites the Egyptian interim authorities to take urgent and concrete measures in this respect, including reengaging with the IMF, reaffirming that it will continue to provide support to Egypt to face these challenges as expressed in the Task Force of November 2012.
The EU stands ready to assist the Egyptian people in their desire for a democratic and prosperous future. (EU Neighbourhood Info)

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