Egypt Handed Abu Raide Over To Israel

هل سلمت خارجية مصر أبو ريدة لنظيرها الصهيوني؟؟

wael abu RaideOn June 24 2013, I published that a Palestinian citizen Wael Hassan Abu Raide, 32, also called (X prisoner) from Khuza’a town, east of Khan Younis refugee camp was abducted by the Israeli Mossad from Egypt and transfered to Israeli prison.

Today – July 11 2013, local sources stated that Mr. Abu Raide was not abducted in Egypt but he was handed over to Israel by the Egyptian authoroties after he had applied for the Egyptian nationality at the Ministry of foreign affairs in Cairo.

An Egyptian from the Ministry of foreign affairs called abu Raide on June 21 for a meeting and he went to meet him but did not return. the Egyptian authoroties covered the issue as if it was nobody has disappeared on there territory.

According to the same source Abu Rida is a former activist at the Islamic Jihad. He was travelling to Egypt with his wife “Amani” and son who suffers of cancer and receives medical treatment there. The source said that Abu Reida was taken to an Israeli detention center following a phone call from an Egyptian.

Mr. Maneour Abu Raide, brother’s of Hassan stated on June 24 2013 that he received a call on his personal handy in which an israeli intelligence officer informed him that his brother had been abducted by Mossad and was being imprisoned in Israel.

Yesterday, July 10 2013, an Israeli judge allowed publication of some details news about Wael Abu Riada’s arrest but he extended the gag order of other details by 10 days. According to the Judge, Abu Raide was detained on suspicion of “offenses of national security” ?? A magistrate’s court in the occupied Beer al-Sabaa what so called “Beersheba” on Wednesday extended Abu Rida’s remand by eight days.

The questions are: Is there an agreement between Israel and Egypt which compels the Egyptian authorities to hand detainees over to Israel? Was the abduction of Hassan organized between the Egyptian and the Israeli intelligence services?

If the Egyptian authorities were not involved, how did the Mossad elements abduct Hassan while he was in Egypt  territory? Who allows the Mossad free access to the Republic of Egypt? Why The Egyptian authorities cover the news of Raide abduction?

Egyptian sources stated that elements of the israeli intelligence organization “Shabak” are working unimpeded at the International Airport of Cairo. They stop and question the passengers without intervention of the Egyptian airport security.

Following the abduction of Abu Raide several rockets were fired Sunday night from the Gaza Strip toward southern Israel.

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