Egypt: A Revolution Bought for $6 Billion

الجيش المصري يرتكب مجزرة ضد متظاهري الإخوان ويواصل نشر الأكاذيب حول حيثياتها

eagyptJune 8 2013 – At least 51 were massacred and over 500 injured among them hundreds in critical condition after the Egyptian army snipers fired at the Muslim Brotherhood protest against the military coup outside facility where the first elected Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi is held.

According to Egyptian sources, Western counties built up and financed the Egyptian opposition with about Six Billion Dollars During the past year, money which was used to pay poor Egyptians and incite them to attend demonstrations against the first elected President of Egypt, Dr. Mohammad Morsi and so manipulate the public opinion and create an atmosphere conducive to bringing their agent Mohammad ElBaradei into power.

When the Revolution of 2011, which was also instigated by westerners and zionists, went wrong and they failed to install ElBaradei into power, the conspirators turned around and obviously did everything to insure that this time around, their slimy creature would be firmly installed in power in Egypt. Back in 2011 El Baradei failed to attain any position in the government despite massive efforts to insinuate him into power.

His reputation is just bad: over 60% of Egyptians do not trust El Baradei and accuse him of being an agent of the USA, zionism and western countries, what has turned out to be true, as the first thing he wants to introduce compulsive “holocaust” teaching to the Egyptian school curriculum. And even this time and despite massive expenditures and the giant show of “popular revolution”, installing El Baradei has become a rather difficult undertaking.

ElBaradeiEgyptians say that the Nobel Peace Prize obtained by El Baradei does not qualify him to be in the command center of power of Egypt and his attempts only serves to put more question marks around him. Egyptians also say that zionist element and war criminal Shimon Peres has obtained the Nobel Peace Prize, but that this did not change the facts and his past, namely being a member of the Haganah terror gang which ethnically cleansed Palestine and perpetrated war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Anyone who listens to El Baradei conversations posted on Youtube in Arabic understands the wide gap between him and the Egyptian people. At a time when the Egyptians suffer of poverty and unemployment and while the Republic of Egypt can be seen as a State of illiterates as it occupies No. 3 on a list among the countries with highest prevalence of illiteracy, Mr. El Baradei speaks about non-issues such as the construction of an Institute for Buddhists in Egypt, compulsive teaching of “holocaust”, marrying Muslim women to non-Muslims, and other issues which are far away from the real issues and problems affecting the Egyptian people. What is more, the themes which are so important to Mr El Baradei and his backers in Washington and European countries could lead to the escalation of existing- and the creation of new conflicts in the country, which is already under severe pressure due to the ill-advised “revolution” of 2011.

Today 51 Egyptians were sniped and over 500 were injured among them critical condition when supporters of President Morsi were shot at in Cairo. Is this what the Westerners want? Is this what they call “democracy”? Were the reported six billion dollars paid to the opposition in Cairo in order to murder Egyptians in their homeland only because the past elections did not help install the President who the zionists wanted?

2 comments to Egypt: A Revolution Bought for $6 Billion

  • john doe

    This was not a ‘revolution’ not a ‘popularist coup’ nor democratic in any shape of form, it is a coup! Immature Egyptians, losers of the previous legitimate and internationally recognized election, that refuse to practice the peaceful principles of democratic society. Or, this is a coup staged by foreign interests. Whichever the case, it has completely undermined the democratic process and civil war shall ensue. They will be wishing for Morsi to come back, calling upon him, once the civil war commences but it will be too late, too late for Egypt. They chose sectarians over nation, back-biting over the lobbying, force over peace! What a shame…

  • Hallo Frau Salam,

    Egypt has been owned by the Anglo-American Peak Oil Seven Sisters BP-Standard Oil Rothschild Rockefeller Military Industrial complex since the fall of the Ottoman Empire and then the days of King Farouk and then Nasser etc. This is just the latest escapade. I wish I could be more positive, but I must be truthful. Other massive Espionage-Military-Industrial Complex involvements of Egypt and Saudi Arabian Wahabist House of Saud nonsense is Pharmeceuticals (related to the False Flag Operation of 911 where 19 untrained non-pilots magically made the entire American Air Defense Command stand down and take a day’s vacation – if the Russians and Chinese attack the US with millions its all over).

    With all the nonsense we are expected to swallow I just know there is a rabbit with a waist coat and a watch fob around somewhere going to tea.

    With all regard always,

    Free Palestine and the world!


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