Israel Exports Impure Magnesium To USA

Dr. Harb: From Ramallah To USA

DSC_2247During an interesting interview with Dr. Shawqi Harb at the 27th International Medical Convention of NAAMA held on June 29 – July 4, 2013 at Hilton Hotel in Vienna, he exposed how the israeli government exports impure Magnesium to the USA and how one of his sons, working at a chemical laboratory for testing products, discovered the manipulation of the product by the israelis.

He said that israel exports Magnesium to United States, which is supposed to be pure, clarifying that the laws of the USA do not allow any products to enter the country before being tested. He pointed out that all the tests showed that israel exports impure Magnesium to USA. The test results were a threat to the israeli scam.

He added that, instead that israel would stop exporting fiddled Magnesium to the US, they decided to send a delegation to meet the person who made the tests of their products and see if they could bribe him, adding that it was difficult for the israelis to identify his son as a Palestinian because of his title, position, and also the way how he looks. When the israeli delegation arrived his sons office, they told him that they were “the Israeli delegation and we are here to discuss the issue of your reports about the non-pure Magnesium”.

His son made the way short and introduced himself in Hebrew, saying: “I am from Ramallah”. From there everything went downstairs. The israeli “delegation team” started acting in a completely crazy fashion. They immediately called their accomplices in Israel and everywhere, screaming that they were “victims of a Palestinian”.

Dr. Harb said that in USA, laws and rules are always above everybody, and in this case, fortunately the rule of law prevailed over the israeli corruption attempts.

9 comments to Israel Exports Impure Magnesium To USA

  • Hallo Frau Salam,

    It is the depth of idiocy for the criminal cover-up delegation to be yelling “victims of a Palestinian.” The whole world knows this is utterly backwards. Some time back I was talking informally with someone who lives here and is an “Israeli,” born in what she calls “Israel” and her parents before her. On the surface civil, but when speaking of “Israel” and the history and conditions there and especially the Palestinians it was immediately obvious she lived in a different universe from the rest of the world. I have seen many times, people conditioned to have a very selective perception about things close to them, but where “Israelis” are concerned it is usually downright pathological. One of the worst was an “Israeli” acquaintance of mine about 35 years ago. To him Palestinians were without any real meaning as people. On the other hand, another person who had lived his life in “Israel” as an “Israeli” and discovered that anything to do with the IDF or “Israeli” treatment of the Palestinian people totally disgusted him to the point that he left “Israel” in the early 1980’s and preferred to be a person without a country rather than sink to the depths his “Israeli” superiors demanded of him. I can see reading your web site over the years, it has only gotten worse. The usual “Israeli” point of view is no different than Klansmen defending their hatred of non-white people or Communist KGB or GDR MfS (Stasi) defending the “party line.”

    One of the worst when it comes to culpable ignorance that they are responsible for and guilty of therefore, is Americans who have never taken the time to know anything about:

    1 World history.
    2 The Arab people and Arab civilization.
    3 Islam (never have they read a single verse out of the Qur’an). Nor anything about Palestinian Christians and their history.
    4 Don’t know ANYTHING ABOUT what the Old Testament condemns as the unfaithfulness of the Israelites.
    5 Have no idea what the New Testament says about the judgment first prophesied in the Old Testament, upon the unfaithful of the Covenant with Moses – those who rejected the Messiah Jesus Christ.
    6 Don’t know anything about the background, history or beliefs of the occupiers of Palestine.
    7 Don’t know anything about who the Palestinians are.
    8 Have no idea what the Naqba is.
    9 Can’t find the Middle East on a map with a spotlight and a guide.
    10 Do not know anything about the labyrinth that is International Terrorism over the last number of centuries.
    11 Do not know about or choose to ignore the very large, vast number of Arab people living in the United States who are honest, straightforward hardworking mild decent good people and good neighbors to all.

    BUT – they will tell you with a straight face, all about the so called “threat of Islamic terrorism” and how the Zionists are the most favored of God and He gave them the Holy Land (ACTUALLY HE EXPELLED THEM FROM IT FOREVER) and the Palestinians are somehow not supposed to even live in their own land that they have possessed for millennia!

    The reason for this is Zionist owned and operated News Media and so called Christian churches that take their marching orders from Freemasonic money grubbing salesmen who masquerade as Christians and politicians who lie for a way of life.

    It is so important the Journalism you present good sister, because you leave nothing out and don’t sugar coat anything and tell the complete truth about all. Don’t change, I know you won’t.

    Danke schön Frau Salam.

    Viva Palestina!

    Free Palestine.

    Auf Wiedersehen,


  • bravo steve, i second your valid points. as a rule i never trade with “them” the enemy of muslims and islam willingly.

    My faith expects me to stand up for right and not wrong and to be just in all my dealings, i abhor these peoples deeds,views and opinions and always fight against them by writing,advising,highlighting, and warning how they operate to those who wish to know!

    There is always day after the night, and ease after hardship,Allah will make this happen as promised in the Koran. wait and see zionists!

    peace to all believers!

  • Paxman

    Kawther .. if I had money to help support your work it would be given, but I cannot. But I support your work with my hopes and wishes for your peoples.

    A brave woman wielding the hammer of truth, and another small stone chip liberated from the wall .. I was still a small boy when the .. ‘Catastrophe’ .. commenced and have watched how it has progressed .. the Russian and Polish Jew taught their children well .. and they have applied many of the mental and physical tortures that they arrived with, from there.

    Over 6 decades of oppression and still they have failed to break the Palestinian Spirit .. The rivers of Palestinian blood over which the Talmud Jew rejoices .. in fact seals your rights in the land .. That ancient sacrifice although unneeded, confirms Palestine as a Nation.

    I feel very strongly, that the time is not so far distant, when those children of the wire will know that ‘Peace’ and Palestine is their heritage and not a dream .. their right and it will be enforced if it becomes necessary .. the lies, the murder and the theft upon which Israel was founded .. will dry up and blow away.

    God will bless Palestine.

  • Victoria

    israel can send the us bags of poop for all i care…both out of control entities deserve nothing more.

  • American Patriot

    From my experience one will get screwed anytime they deal with a jew.

  • Rice Daye

    I am sorry you had to leave your home. I understand all too well, being a Native American. I also don’t understand Israel’s hatred of their cousins. After all, wasn’t Abraham from Chaldea or UR? Please keep up the good work and know that many of us Americans are for the Palestinians, and we do not believe one people is more “chosen” than the other. In Peace, Rice Daye

  • Slvrizgold

    Magnesium stearate is used in almost every vitamin and supplement on the market. It’s used in the manufacturing process. Wonder if the Israelis are trying to make us sick so the Sickcare Industry can suck us dry like vampires.

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