Israeli War Criminal Convicted of Smuggling Drugs

Eran Cabilo

Pic. Credit: Ilan Assayag

He sold the confiscated hashish and heroin to “Avi Shalom, אבי שלום”, a former soldier under his command. In total, Kabalo sold 144 kilograms of hashish and 10 kilograms of heroin.

That means that the Israeli soldier, while perpetrating crimes of war as an officer of the occupation and during the operations of the invasion of Gaza in 2008/2009 in which thousands of children; elderly and innocent civilians were murdered or seriously injured, Eran Cabello complemented his income as a war criminal with income from his occupation as a drug pusher.

According to “Resh Bet”, the value of the drugs smuggled by Cabello was estimated to be in the order of “millions of dollars”, and he was also using soldiers stationed at the Sinai border to smuggle the drugs into israel.

According to Haaretz newspaper: Kabalo and Shalom apparently first discussed the drugs at a wedding in the southern Israeli town of Netivot, when Shalom said he could sell them. Kabalo was supposed to net an estimated NIS 1.7 million in profits, and had already received NIS 340,000 by the time of his arrest a year and a half ago. On three occasions, Kabalo allowed Shalom into his office on the base, including into the operations room, where he stored the drugs and also classified documents.

Kabalo apparently opened the safe in which the drugs were stored, and offered to sell Shalom 100 kilos of hashish, but the latter bought only 94 kilos. Kabalo invested some of the money and transferred thousands of shekels into his and his wife’s accounts. He also bought two iPads, for himself and for the regimental commander, who repaid him.

In separate incidents, the Egyptian border troops arrested several israeli soldiers wearing civil uniform in the Sinai on the Egyptian side of the border. Each time one of these criminals is caught, the israel claims that he entered Egyptian territory “by mistake”.

According to my knowledge, many of the IDF occupation troops, golani, givati, paratroopers and other units who “served” occupying my homeland Hebron were drug dealers, homosexuals who were high on drugs like heroin and gave the city many a show of shouting while sodomizing each other at night on the Palestinian roof-tops and then leave their garbage or giving it to children. Read more.

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